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Days of Our Lives: The Enormous Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Marlena offers Belle some camomille as they assure her that all is well with Claire. She can't believe what Victor did, still. She feels that she deserved to be hurt, though but she has paid and now it is someone else's turn. She describes all the things that have happened. John suggests she takes control and she says she will. Belle asks what she should do about Shawn and after Marlena goes off to get some antibiotics John says she should do nothing. Not to let him go, necessarily - just to step back and not react to things. Belle makes a comparison to John's threatening to blow off Alex North's head with a rifle. Do as I say, not as I do, he says. She needs time to think. When Marlena comes back Belle asks what she thinks and she says she should seize the moment before it passes and she agrees - and leaves. John wonders why she left after what he said. Marlena says clearly she weighed his opinion versus her intuition and her intuition won.

Chelsea tells Patrick that she has a bit of information for him - he should make a move on Hope now because she is angry with over what happened with Shawn. She will surely need a shoulder to cry on. They both want Hope unattached to Bo for different reasons. He suggests she not quit her day job as guidance counselor is not good for her. Kate comes over and asks how she could have made such a mistake and Chelsea says she thought she would be the one to understand. Chelsea explains why she did what she did and Kate understands. Chelsea says she is Kate's protege.

Hope grills Bo on why he let Shawn take the boat. He says he gave him a boat as a place to live. Shawn says it was his fault. Hope asks where he was and he says he was on police business. Uh yeah, she knew what kind of police business. Shawn tries to keep them from fighting but Hope persists and Bo says he can't pretend that he has no responsibilities to her. Hope says that every time there is a choice to be made he makes the wrong one - and he seems to always favor Chelsea. He says his family means more to him than anything and this is when Patrick comes in - Bo says it's a family matter. Bo bemoans the fact that Patrick always shows up when it's inopportune. Hope tells him not to change the subject - she says she won't let Bo make the same mistake again. Hope leaves and Bo goes off on Shawn for not following the rules. Willow takes responsibility for everything but Bo says it was Shawn's responsibility to stay aware of his position - had he done so he would still have a boat and his wife wouldn't be so angry with him. Sure, he's angry - but he knows Shawn has learned something and is sorry - so he forgives him. Shawn thanks him for this and he promises not to mess things up again - and wishes him luck talking to Hope. Willow apologizes for everything and Shawn says he's surprised that she's still there. She says she got what is happening - and she feels bad for after everything Hope said. She says she would give anything to have parents who would be so loving with him. It was one of the best days of her life despite almost dying. They kiss and of course Belle sees this.

Patrick approaches Hope on the docks and offers his shoulder. She thinks nothing can make things worse for her and Bo. She doesn't understand why Bo doesn't get it. Patrick reminds her that they have a family coming and the offer is still there to go away for awhile. She finally agrees to a weekend in Chicago but admits that she doesn't completely trust him. She says if he shows she can't trust him she will take care of things herself. He offers her wine or cocoa at Chez Rouge and she takes him up on it. Of course Chelsea was hiding and overheard this all and sees Bo searching for her. He makes a phone call and leaves Hope a message apologizing for everything and says he loves her.

Sami wonders if they should really throw Will a party since he barely got on the team. Lucas takes out a pair of shoes that he got - cost an arm and a leg. He asks if she went out with EJ last night and she says she didn't - this doesn't mean she's interested in him, though. The doorbell rings and it's Carrie and Austin to see Lucas. They ask to come in and Lucas says they should come in - see what they want. Austin says he doesn't want to make anyone uncomfortable and Lucas ssays it's too late for that. Carrie hands over papers to Lucas - annulment papers. Sami berates Carrie for everything she did. Carrie says that she hates the way they handled things and they wanted to tell them sooner.

Austin says Lucas is to blame as well and just as Lucas is about to sign the papers and just then a note gets slipped under the door by none other than GLOVED HAND! Lucas reads the note and then asks her how she can do it. She asks what he is talking about and can't believe he would believe a note. He keeps it away from her and shows Carrie and Austin. Yeppers, it's the fact that Sami told Lexie to say that if Carrie had children with Austin they would have severe birth defects. Bet you didn't see that one coming. Austin asks if that is why she broke things off and she says she wanted to give him a baby of his own. Lucas asks if that's why she chose him. Everyone gets on Sami but Sami says it's not true. Lucas can tell she is lying. He's just that good. She apologizes for doing it and is glad the truth is out. She realizes what she did was wrong and stupid - someone found out and she was desperate to keep it away from them. Austin wonders how she pulled it off and finally Sami admits her blackmail. Carrie reiterates it all and Sami says that clearly everything worked out. Everyone says clearly not and they continue to rail against her. They say none of the bad things would have happened were it not for Sami's lies. When Sami says that Carrie only married Lucas for his sperm she shrieks, "Shut up! I'm going to kill you!" and lunges at her and we freeze frame on this less than pleasant lunging.

Posted by Gordon on October 18, 2006 5:03 PM
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I suppose it had to happen eventually, but man, I really wish Sami would catch a break. Characters like Carrie and Belle (as opposed to Mimi) really get on my nerves with their purity and their holier than thou attitude. And yet they're as bad, if not worse than Sami. At least Sami knows what she is and admits it. Carrie and Belle still pretend their perfect little girls. And it should be pointed out, that although Sami blackmailed Lexie into keeping Carrie and Austin apart, she was not the one that came up with the sick genetic incompatibility story. And could someone PLEASE take Carrie to task for chosing having a baby over having true love? Talk about your self-centered bitches.

I know it's Sami's lot in life to do bad things, then get caught, but even when Kate is caught doing something horrible, she seems to squirm out of it within a matter of weeks, or even days. (Pay Eve Michaels to steal evidence? Not repercussions. Ruin Sami and Lucas' wedding not once, but twice? I thought Lucas and Will were going to have nothing to do with her? Didn't last very long.)

-- Posted by: Michael C. at October 19, 2006 8:02 AM

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