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Days of Our Lives: That Room Has Bad Gas

John wants to skip the talking part and present her with a ring. She has never seen anything so beautiful. He sure has - her! It is in fact her old diamond that was reset to symbolize a new start. One sapphire for every year they have been together. He wants them to be together for the rest of their lives. He therefore proposes. She has a proposal of her own.

Taylor Doose - er, Jim, approaches Lexie with Carrie in tow. He says they have a problem. I wonder how he found Salem from Stars Hollow. Taylor... Jim asks to confirm what Carrie said and says she should start preparing her defense. Lexie says everything she said is true. I can't help but laugh here as I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and he is TOTALLY being Taylor here. Lexie is sacked without severance or benefits.

Carrie meets up with Austin and tells him about everything and wonders why she feels worse. A side effect of Sami's games, Austin suggests. She was just tired of being lied to and manipulated. Austin thinks her wanting to split them up is in her DNA. He says that's why they should move to Europe. He says he will give her her company back. If they leave, won't Sami have won, asks Carrie. No - the fact that they are together means that they have won. She says she can't move to Europe until they get married. He is worried there won't be time to do it. She doesn't want a dream wedding - she just wants to go to a justice of the peace and to do it right then. He agrees and whips out the ring he had on him, apparently - and proposes. They leave to find a justice of the peace. A bit later they get to the justice of the peace where they have a slight scheduling problem.

Lexie and Abe arrive at the restaurant and Abe asks what is wrong. They sit down and of course Lexie sees Carrie. They sit down and she says she doesn't want any secrets between them - she did something terrible and once he says what it is he may not want to speak to her again. She reminds him about the blackmail and tells him exactly what she did. She tells him that he was fired and will probably lose her license. He asks if she told him because she wanted to be truthful or because he would surely find out. She just wanted to be honest and she can keep on volunteering at the free clinic - at least unless her license is revoked. He says he will stand by her so long as she doesn't go to Tek. They are a family and will get through this.

Patch appears at Billie's door with a bag of lunch. A six pack for him and "sody pop" for her. Then they kiss. She says Chelsea is on her way home. She says Chelsea has to have a talk so she realizes that she and Bo are not getting back together. Steve suggests he can help. Billie laughs it off saying he can't even straighten out his own daughter. Steve says Chelsea just doesn't know what a great guy he is. Chelsea makes an appearance and makes fun of his appearance and his car. Steve can take it. He says they have to talk and get to know each other better. He wants to tell her 'the deal' between he and Billie.

He says he and Billie like each other a lot and that she has to accept that. She says he will have to accept some thing too - she was a drug addict and that she made pornographic films. Billie is super shocked. Patch asks if telling him that made her feel powerful, and everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone has a past - things they can't undo, and accidents that can't be undone. He alludes to her hitting Zack and tells her not to say anything bad about her mother again. Stephanie calls and says she is worried about her mother and tells him more and Patch says he has to get to the hospital and leaves. Chelsea says her pirate friend has jumped ship to the USS Kayla.

Kayla senses something is wrong. Stephanie says Max came to break up with her but then she hyperventilated. She feels like an idiot. Max felt sorry for her and so unbroke up with her. She says she can't take any more bad stuff and of course Gloved Hand is outside. Why, Stephanie asks, do they go for guys that don't love them? Does she think she will get a new opportunity with her father? Kayla gets a page to go to Room 113 and Stephanie thinks it's a hoax or a setup like everything else. Kayla says she will be right back but leaves her purse. Kayla enters the room - it is empty, and the door slams behind her and locks. She hits the door and calls for help. Of course, the phone is dead. Super creepy breathing is coming from the vents. She then hears her name being called out. Patch comes in and she fills him in on the details and he leaves. As he leaves he walks right by a glove. The voice continues saying Kayla's name and she asks what it wants. Steve arrives and tries to break down the door. Meanwhile Stephanie hyperventilates and the nurse tries to calm her down. Steve finally breaks down the door and they oddly don't leave. He goes to check out the vent and a gas comes out and hits both of them - no freeze frame.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 25, 2006 2:39 PM
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