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Days of Our Lives: So That's What Happens When You Lie

Bo pours a big cup of dark coloured liquid and offers to take Hope home. Hope still thinks of Belle as their to be daughter in law. She frets and he offers his shoulder for rest. Kate arrives and asks how things are and Bo tells her that there were complications but she will be fine. Bo insists that she not go in because they need time alone. Nurses come by and say the baby is in distress. What better a time for Hope to mention to Kate that Shawn is Claire's father. Philip didn't take the news too well.

Belle says she really is feeling better. Philip says when she gets home there is to be hands down no stress - including a lack of his getting hauled off to jail. He promises that he would never abandon his family. He hopes things can go back to the way they were and he says the one thing that won't change is their commitment to each other. The baby's heart rate monitor makes a really obnoxious sound. A doctor asks if anything was bothering her before this episode and she says they were just talking. The doctor says whatever the problem is, it could be serious. Philip goes outside where he finds Kate, who asks him if it is true that Belle may lose the baby. They bicker and Kate tells him in a way, heloooo - you're the one who wanted Belle to have an abortion. She tells him that he deserves much better than Belle, someone who doesn't even appreciate him. He clearly needs to let Belle go back to Shawn. Back in Belle's room, Hope comes in asking how she is. Belle tells her that now the embryo switch feels like it was right though she really shouldn't be feeling this way. Hope tells her that perhaps she should think about what she wants - and maybe the baby and Claire are a sign. Belle says it's impossible as Shawn is married to Mimi. Hope says her situation is similar - Bo having another woman's child. Belle says that when two people love each other, nothing should keep them apart. Precisely why she should take her own advice, says Hope.

Chelsea has been waiting for Billie to come home, she tells Billie as she comes in. She would have come in for it only Bilie was busy kissing Steve Johnson. Well it's not like they were ripping each others clothes off, Billie says. Chelsea asks if they are getting involved or if she is sleeping with him and Billie says no. Chelsea accuses her of saying one thing and doing another. Billie tells her that the whole memory problem means that he doesn't have the same feeling for her anymore and how he is going to ask her for a divorce. She promises if Steve and Kayla work things out she won't get in the way. Billie compares the situation to Bo and Hope and Chelsea says that Hope wanted the divorce - she should just leave Steve and Kayla alone. Billie thinks she is up to something - like perhaps trying to get her back with Bo? Chelsea says this isn't the Parent Trap and she isn't trying to do that. Chelsea leaves in a huff (not a minute and a huff) to do a double shift so she can finish her community service already.

Chelsea comes into the hospital and sees Bo and Hope and asks for a moment with Bo. She tells him that perhaps he should be with someone else if Hope hasn't taken him back. Someone like... Billie? Yes, she says - and he should act fast if he is interested. Why is that? She saw him with Steve and they were kissing. Oh no, not again, he says. Chelsea encourages him to go back to Billie and Bo says that his future is with Hope and walks away.

Shawn stands besides the baby monitor as he listens to Mimi and Bonnie discussing how Mimi knew all along that Shawn was Claire's father and how well they have been hiding it from him. He gets angry at the counter for holding the baby monitor so he punches it. Over at the Philip / Belle apartment Mimi gets ready for the big dinner when Shawn comes through the door and starts yelling that he can't believe she knew all this time. At first Mimi pretends not to know what he is talking about but eventually admits that she did know and he asks how - and she explains what she overheard at the hospital from the nurses, and she is sorry. That is apparently not good enough for Shawn. Bonnie offers to take the blame. Oh, he does accept this offer - but Mimi is still responsible since she chose to keep lying to him. Shawn wants to have this conversation in private so they go out and slam the door behind them and go into their apartment and slam again. I have always wanted to live in an apartment where the door is sliding. It looks quite keen. Mimi tells Shawn she loves him but made a mistake. He counters that he also made a mistake - the biggest of his life. She says that all the lying was due to being insecure of him and Belle and if he knew, he would leave her for Belle. He says this isn't so. What they had was over. She ironically accuses him of lying. There is a big part of his heart that belongs to her. Clearly they never should have agreed to marry each other. Surely if he wanted to be with her he can forgive her. Uh, no. She pleads with him to forgive her and give her a chance and he says that it's too late, and the marriage is over - and he leaves and slams the door. She stands there and yells "No!" and we freeze frame on distraught Mimi.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 2, 2006 2:19 PM
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