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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Pre-Race Jitters

Mimi visits Patrick in jail and she is pessimistic. Patrick is equally gloomy, saying Hope thinks he is guilty. Mimi suggests he is better off without her in that case. It's no surprise she is acting this way, she says - Hope is leaving him when things got tough just as Shawn left her. The better analogy is that they both lied to their respective significant others. Bonnie comes to visit and gets just enough time to tell Patrick that they will get through this as a family.

Ah, the love must be in the air in the Fancy Face. Bo says it's great having her there and she brings up Belle and visiting her but Bo wants to present her with something first - breakfast in bed! He goes for cold pizza. He asks if she would consider coming back to him. She's not ready for this quite yet, however. He tells her that she is in fact his heart and home. He invites her to lunch but she's not emotionally ready for such a huge step. That's okay, he says - they can be like Days of our Lives in general and move at a snail's pace. He tells her he has to be at Patrick's preliminary hearing today. They argue over Patrick and Hope says all that is important is the future girl she will have - just a feeling she has.

At the court, the DA and Patrick's lawyer argue. Mimi feels that the DA has no chance as Patrick's lawyer is brilliant.

EJ tells a reporter that Stephanie will surely beat everyone including Max. He then goes on to tell Kate that Stephanie will surely be the next big thing in racing. Later, Stephanie shows up and Kate tells her she has a special favour to request that involves Philip. He will surely need a friend soon as Belle and Philip don't have a future together. They discuss the Shawn / Mimi / Belle problem and it comes out that Shawn left Mimi. Stephanie offers her friendship but that's all she can give.

Stephanie brings Max a lovely breakfast. Apparently she only brings breakfast to drivers she has kissed. Shawn is in a mood and Max wonders why. Stephanie is sorry all this horrible stuff is happening to Shawn. He just has to hope for the best. Max pulls Stephanie outside and tells her that she shouldn't put Shawn on the spot like that. Also this is a good chance to kiss. They wish each other luck on the racetrack. Back inside Shawn expresses relief that Chelsea is out of the picture. EJ comes in and tells Shawn he's sorry about what happened with Mimi and Shawn wonders how this happened. He heard it from Bonnie, obviously. Shawn is worried that Belle is still in the hospital. When he finds out that Belle had some sort of a relapse he races out and Max yells after him that there is still the race to think of.

--Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 4, 2006 2:00 PM
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