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Days of Our Lives: Mini Vacation Complete!

At the pub, Hope has breakfast with Bo - he is just telling her that he will have a talk with Shawn and breakfast is unceremoniously interrupted by Patrick. He says he has every right to be there as it's a public place and he's there to talk with Hope - alone. Bo leaves and Patrick tells her that he wants her to make some decision - he'll do what it takes to be with her. He'd like to run away with her as it were. Perhaps Chicago? Patrick asks her to think about it and leaves. Later, Abe stops in and Hope asks what he thinks of Patrick. The truth is that she doesn't trust him completely - what a relief. Good thing, too - Patrick is on the phone and tells someone that he has their money and asks where to meet.

Lauren tells Bonnie that the baby should definitely be raised by the grandmother - er, provided the money is there. Mimi arrives soon thereafter and says she is having a hard time getting a job. Bonnie ribs her and says she should have held onto her husband.

EJ, getting dressed, can't believe he spent the night there. Later, Chelsea comes to visit and realizes she had been with someone and when EJ comes out she realizes it was him. After EJ leaves Chelsea asks how she gets what she wants so easily. Kate tells her to decide what she wants and then to go and get it. Chelsea wants her parents back together. Kate suggests using herself to get them back together.

Chelsea remembers Sami saying that her mother was a whore and her grandmother was a whore and so she is bound to follow in their footsteps. Apparently she takes this a bit too literally as she gets dressed in the sluttiest clothing ever and walks the streets. It's like Pretty Woman, only this isn't likely to have such a happy ending.

Lucas says it looks like Sami got a great night's sleep while he slept on the couch. She says nothing but then tells him if he does anything like last night she will kick him out. She tells him that they aren't a couple and won't be - she wants to date EJ and he can't stop her. Speaking of EJ, he comes knocking. He wants to make up for not seeing her earlier - with a kiss, of course. This is kind of making me really not like EJ anymore. I was so happy with his character for the last few months, too. It's funny how EJ calls Lucas Captain Stink Bomb. Sadly for EJ Sami tells him that they can't go out anymore - she needs to care for Will. EJ suggests Lucas is manipulating her and she says that this isn't so - perhaps when things are better with Will they can try again. He smiles.

Willow and Shawn have obviously had some tender moments in bed as Willow says that she hasn't ever woken up beside one of her clients before. She doesn't think of him that way, though - he's like an angel for her. He thinks of her as a friend which is a relief for her since she hasn't had any. Their next mini-vacation is interrupted by Bo who is paid a compliment by Willow. After Willow leaves Bo is less than pleasant. Shawn says that he and Mimi are through and Bo is concerned about where he found her and if he was safe in their tender moments. Shawn regrets having driven into Victor's house and Bo says he wishes he could fix things but he will always be there for him. Shawn makes an angry remark and Bo says he's not giving up on him. Bo offers the Fancy Face as a place for Shawn to stay - this doesn't mean he's getting back together with Hope but he will be staying over the pub. BO also says he is good for beer and a burger or even a friendly ear to bend if they are needed - and leaves.

Later, Bo meets up with Hope and tells her the good news. She thanks him for being him (always a nice thing to hear) and leaves to see how Belle is doing.

Mimi asks about a job at Chez Rouge. Strangely they have just hired a new waitress and she is introduced. They have plenty of room for Mimi, worry not - I'd love to be hired on the spot like that somewhere. Mimi tells her that she used to work at Alice's and Willow says she did as well - though as a prostitute. Apparently they have both lived on the street. Mimi tells all about how she used to be married but her husband was in love with someone else. Willow explains how she met an angel and he got her to work there. Shawn calls - he found a place to live. He suggests they meet up there after she gets off work and Willow asks if she can bring a friend. After she gets off the phone Willow invites Mimi along and she eventually agrees.

Patrick and Doctor Bader meet up. Patrick has quite a sum of money for the doctor. He tells Patrick that although the present test results were changed to make it seem that Patrick was the father, any other test would show Bo as being the father. Patrick says it's not a problem as they will surely be leaving Salem for good soon - and we freeze frame on Patrick.

Posted by Gordon on October 13, 2006 2:20 PM
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