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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Making A Living On Your Back

Marlena gets back to the penthouse after what was apparently an emergency croissant run. He apologizes for the previous night - he didn't want to wake her up. She reminds him that he said something about making an honest woman of her and he says that kisses must come first. He gets on one knee and of course Roman shows up. John says he has a meeting to get to and promises the question later. Roman is glad Marlena called. She says everything is going well except for Sami. She tells him about the meeting and he says he has known since the wedding - Tek told him. She asks why he didn't tell her - was she invisible? With going to NJ she was in a way. Marlena says Sami is just as selfish as ever. How did the other children turn out so well, they wonder.

Sami is awaken by EJ who offers her some coffee. She doesn't even remember coming home last night. Apparently she was just so exhausted that he carried her here. He says that when things calm down he wants to have a talk with her - they should have some fun. Life sucks, she says - and goes over the laundry list of things she has done. EJ says she shouldn't apologize anymore and people should get over it. He says that she's perfect the way she is. She is moved and he says that he has been attracted to her since day one. She deserves unconditional love. They snog and his phone rings but he ignores it. A little later Roman comes over and he and Sami excuse themselves. She didn't mean to hurt Carrie, she says. He says he doesn't want anything to do with her until she straightens herself out. She responds by saying she is sick of asking for forgiveness. That doesn't go over so well.

Shawn stayed at the garage last night. Things obviously didn't work with staying on the boat. The meeting with Stephanie didn't go so well. Perhaps he should have looked at the present first. He has to be honest with her but not if she's going to hyperventilate as a reaction. This is when Mimi comes in. This ends up with Shawn and Mimi arguing over Willow's profession and he storms out. Mimi ends up with hugs from Max. He thinks that Shawn still loves her. She says she is having transmission problems and he offers to help fix. She says she will pay in installments. Max says she can come whenever she wants. This is just when Willow comes in and yells at her. Why did she tell people? Shawn comes out and tells off Mimi. Max proceeds to tell off Shawn and sacks him for what he did to the car - and he leaves. Willow leaves as well and tells Mimi to keep her mouth shut.

Patrick and John get beer at Chez Rouge (clearly the most sensible place to get beer.) and Patrick says he's surprised he offered the drink. They drink to happier times. John thanks him for what happened on Morgan Island and Patrick thanks him for his help getting into Police Academy. Steve Gutenberg is even funnier in person. Patrick bemoans how Bo is making his life hell - that Bo planted the evidence and attacked him. John is convinced Bo wouldn't frame anyone. It is his past with the DiMeras that has Bo concerned, probably - who did he work for, anyhow? Patrick wonders if this is a friendly drink or an interrogation. Did Bo send him there? It gets a little ugly. John goes outside and calls Marlena and says he needs help.

Marlena soon arrives and has a chat with Patrick. She excuses herself, taking his phone and goes to the toilet and drops it, making its way in front of a stall - where we see a pair of what are obviously men's shoes. Marlena readies her pepper spray and informs the person in the stall of this fact and John opens the door. "What's up, Doc?" he says. He says it will take only a few moments to download the information on the phone. Good thing he had a universal phone adapater.

Patrick wonders where his phone is and Marlena comes up and asks if the phone she has is the right one. Later, she tells John that Patrick didn't suspect anything. She found it exciting, actually.

Back by a chain link fence, the place where all dirty meetings apparently take place, EJ and Patrick bicker again. EJ warns him not to have the trail come back to him. Patrick is worried about John. EJ says not to worry about John as he has "his future all mapped out." and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on October 24, 2006 4:46 PM
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