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Days of Our Lives: Lucas Still Has Feelings For Sami

Marlena wonders if perhaps Belle should reconsider calling Philip - she has a bit of thinking to do. Belle says she was hopeful when Shawn filed the lawsuit but then he suddenly dropped it as if it were hot. She compares her problem to Marlena's when it turned out that John was her father.

Mimi drops by Philip's flat and says they need to discuss the future of their baby. Philip pulls the equivalent of a "No Time for Love, Doctor Jones" but Mimi pushes and says Lauren is on her way over - and then she arrives, conveniently enough - with a notary, no less. Philip finally agrees and signs the papers. Mimi signs the papers as well and walks Lauren and her notary out. Belle calls and tells Philip about Marlena being found - and would he kindly bring Claire to the penthouse? He obliges. They have it out and ultimately Philip says it is clear that she doesn't want him in her life and he tells her to give Claire a kiss for him and tells her goodbye. Marlena comforts her after Philip leaves and tells her all will be well.

Later, Mimi goes and tells Bonnie about terminating the arrangement. She is perfectly okay with this. Just kidding - she gets angry and refers to the baby as her annuity. After Mimi leaves Bonnie makes a mysterious phone call and agrees to meet at Chez Rouge in an hour. Any bets on the identity of the caller? If you bet Lauren, you are the winner. Bonnie promises to make sure Lauren is taken care of if she gives her the baby.

Belle, still crying over Philip leaving, answers the door - it's Mimi. She tells Belle that she and Shawn are getting divorced and she won't get in the way.

Bo wants to talk about his future with Hope. She's still hung up on Patrick, though. He says he will raise the baby as his own and then the phone rings - trouble with Shawn.

Shawn flips out at Victor's house. It's too late to talk, he says. He did this all because he wants Victor to feel the same way he does. Victor pulls Shawn aside and asks him if he's really trying to hurt him or himself. Bo comes in and asks what is going on and Shawn tells him - which prompts Bo to ask him why he did this. Victor regrets what he did.

Shawn tells Hope that his whole life is a mess and Hope tells him that she is there for him. He tells her that he dropped the custody suit. Bo and Victor come out and Bo says that Victor has something to say - he wants back in on the engine agreement. Shawn tells him he wants nothing to do with him, and Philip will surely have it worse for him.

Sami and EJ decide the bedroom is the one place where Lucas won't be able to ruin their night. Outside, Lucas and Will plot with a paper bag. The plot does not involve drawing a scary ghost face on the bag. It's a stink bomb! It sets off the sprinkler system which soaks Sami and EJ's passion. They quickly determine who caused this and Sami says she will take care of it, and goes over to find the boys in their bathrobes. I can't remember the last time I lounged around my flat in a bathrobe.

Sami really tells them off and then EJ comes barrelling in and grabs ahold of Lucas but Sami seperates them. To think we could have had a nice wrestling show. EJ vows to get them to pay for everything and gives Lucas a shove and leaves. Sami yells at Lucas - and then asks Will for one on one time with Lucas - and then tells him off again. She tells him they shouldn't give Will false hope that they are a family. He says, seemingly out of the blue, that he still has major feelings for her - and we freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 12, 2006 10:55 AM
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