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Days of Our Lives: IV Antidote for Kayla and Patch?

If you saw the preview yesterday you already knew this was coming - Belle finds out that Shawn is staying with Belle. A big fight ensues and she leaves. Willow tells him he shouldn't let Belle boss him around. Shawn leaves and soon Belle comes and tells her to stay away from Shawn. They nearly come to blows in their argument.

Frankie is en route to the hospital with what is supposed to be a miracle cure, Bo tells Billie. Bo thinks perhaps she should get over there. Bo tells Hope all will be better when he finds out who did this. Hope says that it wasn't Patrick - she's his alibi. She insists he isn't involved in any way.

Billie gets off the phone and is in tears because of this whole Kayla / Patch near death ordeal. Chelsea tells her she should be at the hospital with Bo. They quibble about true intentions and Billie says she will not be getting back together with Bo. She's happy with how things are going with Steve - though clearly Chelsea is not. Billie says that if Chelsea keeps pushing Bo and her together then it will ultimately fail.

Mimi tells her mother once and for all that she and Shawn are over. Bonnie assures her that it isn't over. Mimi goes to Caroline and asks how she and Shawn senior stayed together. She says they too have had their share of problems. Ultimately it's telling the truth that keeps a couple together. Mimi discusses loads of lies she has told and Caroline challenges her to tell the truth for one week and Mimi says she'll try.

Bo and Hope bicker and she almost leaves but he asks her to stay for Steve and Kayla and promises no more Patrick talk. Shawn approaches and asks to speak with Bo. Bo gets him up to speed on what is happening and advises him perhaps he should be responsible and get back with Belle. Doctor Myers tells them that the antidote finally arrives and calls are made all around to inform people. There's hope this bad bear could actually work. We freeze frame on a hopeful Bo.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 31, 2006 3:24 PM
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