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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Inappropriate Proposal

Apologies for Today's Fodder being a bit brief - there's a problem with my DVR and I didn't get a good recording of DOOL. :(

Abe is less than pleased with Tek proposing. Lexie reminds Tek that she loves her husband - and tells him to leave them alone. She asks for five minutes alone with Tek. Alone he tries to give her a big kiss but she gives him a kiss off instead. Abe satisfies her plenty. He asks her, what about ten years in the future when he will surely be wheelchairbound? She gives him a good tchock for that one. As Abe approaches she tells Tek she's getting a restraining order on him.

Victor wonders if Kate has heard from Philip. Nopers. The best they can figure out is that he took a flight to New York. They head over to Chez Rouge and Victor promises he will somehow find Philip. Kate gets a message and Victor says he will go and talk with Belle.

Belle and Hope have dinner. She bemoans the lack of love from Shawn. Hope finds this hard to believe and Belle points to the dropping of the lawsuit as evidence - he didn't want to raise a daughter, obviously. On their way out Hope gets a call telling her all about Shawn's problem and what happened with Chelsea, and she is not too pleased. Victor tells Belle they need to talk. He says he was just trying to protect Philip and Belle says he drove Philip away. She says she would sooner live on the streets than with him.

The weather starts to get rough above the SS Minnow - I mean, the Fancy Face III. It heads ominously towards a red blob on the radar. Thanks to Willow getting in touch with the Coast Guard they come by and pick her up.

Bo tells the officer that Chelsea is in fact his daughter. He pulls her aside and asks how long this has been going on for. He tells the officer he will handle this and he and Billie really give it to her. Mimi worries about Shawn and Bo says he will handle both problems, really. They take Chelsea home and she talks up just about every poor me excuse you can think up. Her parents don't put her first. Billie tries telling Chelsea that Bo and Hope should be together. Speaking of which Hope calls and Bo has to go. Billie tells her that she should stay out of her father's business while there are problems with Hope so she goes into the kitchen and makes a mysterious phone call.

Hope and Mimi meet up at the dock where Hope gives Bo a call and tells him to get over there, pronto. The Harbor Master tells Hope that they have been rescued and Hope thanks Mimi for calling her - and she leaves, as she doesn't want to see Shawn and Willow. They come in and Willow says it was amazing. Shawn introduces Willow and Hope asks why they didn't turn back when they saw the storm. This is of course when Bo comes in asking if all is well. Too little, too late, Bo.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 17, 2006 7:15 PM
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