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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Goodbye, Philip!

John smiles as he lays down the cards - gin! Marlena jokes that perhaps some herbal tea would be better and asks how Belle is holding up. She realizes that letting Philip go was the right decision - and is so grateful to have her mother back. The doorbell rings - it's Shawn at the door. He came bearing gifts but Belle asks him what he is doing there nevertheless. He really just wanted to impart these gifts - a book of jokes for her and a plush turtle for Claire - obviously he wants her to read Terry Pratchett later in life. Shawn blames himself for the baby being lost. Belle asks if that is why he dropped the suit. He explains how when everything was falling apart, Philip was better with Claire than he was - and he decided he was too selfish to be a father. He wonders what she really wants. She says she was a bit confused and then she talked to Carrie and he remembers what she said and goes to leave. They argue and he leaves and she is super mad at him.

John and Marlena go outside to have a look at the stars. Marlena has a confession - she realized that she is scared about them. The thought of losing them terrifies her so she leaves. He asks what he can do and she says he can hold her and love her. He tells her that if she really wants to go, noone can change her mind. Does he really want her there? Of course he does. They go in and Belle has left a note to babysit for Claire. It makes Marlena cry - happy tears of course. She says it is a wonderful life and she will never leave it again.

Philip tells Mimi he is leaving for good. She tells him he can't just walk out on them. He says that he asked her if she wanted to have a future with him and she couldn't bring herself to say yes. Mimi didn't even know that Shawn dropped the lawsuit. She says she just wants to do the right thing but he says that he played by the rules and stuck to his vows and in the end it didn't matter so he has to leave. He asks her to do one thing - to tell Claire about him when she gets older, and how he will always love her and will always be his little girl. He takes the bag and the photo of him with Claire and leaves with Mimi trailing, saying he must not really want to do this. She says, "I can't let him go through with this."

At Chez Rouge, Maggie compliments Shawn's good work in getting Willow a job there. She then wonders if he is there to see his aunt or Willow. He says he came to see her but was hoping to see Willow. Willow comes by and says hello - Maggie tells her that her shift is just about over so she can have a seat. Willow expresses so much gratitude for everything he has done for her. She senses that something is wrong and says she can make him feel better. She says it will be like a mini-vacation, like going to Bermuda. He agrees on the condition that it will be a date. Maggie asks why he is leaving and he says he has a date.

Sami can't believe what she heard. He does a pretty good job of repeating himself. She can't believe it - he was so devoted to her sister a week earlier. He says he was trying to avoid the truth - that he wants her, and always has. EJ is eavesdropping and notes that this will surely not make his mother happy. The door does its best to nod in agreement but the hinges prevent it from doing so. Lucas tells Sami that he only wants to be with her. Sami tells him that all she wants is to be able to go on a date without stinkbombs and Limburger cheese. (She must have an excellent nose to have figured that one out.) He tells her to look her in the eye and say that again. She does so and he says she was the one that asked them to be roommates. She then says that he should get out, pack up, and take a hike. Will comes in and flips out over what he heard and wishes he hadn't come back. Sami says he misunderstood - she was saying they should all get out more often, pack up a picnic basket, and they should all go out on hikes. He buys it - or so we think. She runs off and Will comes back and asks what the real deal is - and he says they are doing well in their quest. Will tells Lucas that unless he believes the three of them should be together it won't happen. Will wants to know if Lucas thinks he and his mother should be together and he does.

At Kate's office, EJ tells her the bad news. She tells him that she obviously overestimates his abilities. He says she underestimated Lucas and describes everything that happened and then springs the roommate bomb. She tells him to do whatever it takes to get her back. They share a yucky kiss. Do you wonder how I feel about it? Sami comes knocking and EJ goes and hides. Sami asks if she has seen EJ and she lies and kicks her out and slams the door. Commence nasty makeout.

Mimi comes ringing the door and says that Philip is leaving town and they need to stop him, stat! They get to the airport and Belle hesitates. Philip gets the one way ticket and goes to board and Mimi says she wants to stop him. Belle says it is time that Philip gets some him time. We watch as Philip slowly walks out and Belle cries - and we freeze frame on crying Belle.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 12, 2006 5:40 PM
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You know, the ONE person in the whole 'Belle, Phillip, Shawn, Mimi' mess leaves! Even before Phillip left - I thought he's really the ONLY one who kept his vows, loved his daughter, and who was the most stable... Why, Why Days must you get rid of this character? He was really the only one I actually felt sorry for!!! I wish they would bring him back and make his character as admirable as a 'John Black' type. That would be believable. And keep him out of all of these petty little tifts.

-- Posted by: redrady1 at October 13, 2006 2:39 PM

I'm SO glad that Phillip is gone!! IF the guy could act, then I might feel differently... I've never liked Kyle's acting in Days!

-- Posted by: Terri at October 18, 2006 2:23 AM

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-- Posted by: proslaviy at September 16, 2008 8:17 AM

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