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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Flame On!

The excitement builds as preparations continue for the Salem Grand Prix. Stephanie paces and wonders where Max is. An announcer's voice goes on about the race and how Max is a favorite to win - if he makes it, that is. The announcer says that surely if Max doesn't make it that Stephanie will win. Chelsea walks in and says this is only true unless Stephanie decides to pull out of the race. Stephanie tells her off, saying Max was sick of her lies and playing games. Chelsea says she's going to tell Max that Stephanie is a b-i-t-c-h for going after him before their breakup. Stephanie says Chelsea can't blame her for the breakup. Perhaps, but if it weren't for her she may have had a chance of getting back together with him.
Chelsea bemoans her lot and life and how much Stephanie has. Like a missing father for most of her life, she says. He is back now, though - and surely he is there now to support her. Chelsea's parents don't know where she is most of the time. It's not all so great - her father doesn't even remember her or her mother. She just wants to have a happy family again and this is when Kayla comes in. Stephanie asks where her father is and Kayla doesn't know but surely he wouldn't miss this.

Patch comes in with Billie - oh yes. Stephanie is upset that he didn't come with Kayla. Patch says he invited Billie and he's sorry if that has upset her - he doesn't know from parenthood. Billie tells Chelsea they should go as it is family affair and speaking of which, Shawn Senior comes in singing - oh, and Grandma is at the pub planning a victory party. He gives her a medal - an angel to watch over her. She was looking forward to the race... and Kate comes to tell her to go to the PR table. On her way out Stephanie tells her father that he clearly doesn't know the first thing about being a husband or a father.

He tells Kayla he was sorry and was not thinking. After Kate tells Billie that she shouldn't rub anything in Kayla's face, Patch tells Billie they should leave and she says absolutely not. Kayla tells Shawn Senior that Patch is clearly moving on and he tells her that just as she made him fall in love once, she can do it again. Kate tells Stephanie to go and win the race and Stephanie tells her to keep her daughter away from her father. Stephanie leaves - and leaves the medal on the counter. Frankie tries to get it to her but alas not in time.

Abe and Roman look at Patrick's mug shot at the police station and hope that Bo isn't going after Patrick for personal reasons. Abe says he has always told Bo he shouldn't use the badge for personal reasons. Personal - like how Abe is now investigating Lexie? A fine point raised by Roman. Abe swears he can keep things professional.

Later, Abe meets up with Lexie - he's sorry for being late. Lexie shows him drawing little Theo drew of the three of them together. Abe has to go and soon Tek sees her and tells her that Abe is just setting her up and explains.

At the garage, Max and a mechanic finish checking up on the car. Frankie comes in and asks why they aren't at the track and Max says it's because Shawn had to go to the hospital and so he had do all the pre-race car checking now. There is much buzz over the new engine and... uh oh... Gloved Hand is hiding in the corner with an adjustable wrench. Max says his car is in great shape and will be super fast and both his mechanic and Frankie tell him to take it easy. Oddly enough nobody notices the dripping from the bottom of his car when he starts it up.

At the courthouse, Bonnie tells Patrick's lawyer that clearly Bo has it in for the Lockharts. That is not a motive, says Cameron. Patrick says he knows of a motive. Cameron tells Patrick they will try to portray the Salem police department in a negative light. Patrick goes over and gives Bonnie a big hug and notices that Mimi isn't crying anymore - was she crying for him or Shawn? She says she was crying for herself. Cameron comes back and tells Patrick that he is being charged with murder one, and that the DA is going for the death penalty.

Hope is astonished that Shawn left her. She says she has known that he was Claire's father ever since the transplant. She apologizes and leaves. Bo says that she was a good kid, unlike her older brother. He hopes she won't try to convince Shawn to take her back. Hope gets off the phone and tells Bo she has to go - things got complicated and goes off to the hospital and Bo tells her that he will make sure Patrick is put away for life. Inside, Bo looks through some files and Roman approaches and they discuss strategy. Roman warns him that he will pull the plug on the case if hatred drove him to it. Bo tells Roman that Patrick is surely guilty. Patrick pleads not guilty - and he was framed. Cameron requests that the evidence is reviewed. Roman tells Bo that he needs to get some air or something and calm down. Perfect time for him to be called to the stand. Bo swears in and then starts in on all the evidence in the closet and says that it is obvious that Patrick murdered Eve. Cameron objects and says that Bo's brother is the commander and it would be easy for Bo to frame Patrick. She says clearly he has a good reason to convince the court that Patrick murdered Eve.

Philip asks Lexie how things are looking. Her blood pressure is apparently too high and only gets worse when Shawn comes in and he and Philip fight. Belle doesn't want to hurt the baby at any cost. Philip and Shawn are asked to leave and right outside, Philip tells Shawn that all was well until he got there. Shawn says he was worried about his child and Philip says he was worried about his wife. Lexie comes out and is concerned that things could get bad because Belle is refusing the medications. Philip says he will sign the consent forms. Shawn says he should respect Belle's choice and Philip says he won't let his wife die. Hope and Shawn talk about his relationship with Mimi and Hope asks if he and Belle still love each other.

Philip compares this situation to being in Iraq and he says he's just not brave enough for this. He tells her she needs to take the medication. She makes him promise not to let them give her the medication and after saying he can't, her monitor goes crazy and he agrees. Things only get worse for Belle and Philip calls for help. Doctor Ross tells him that if Belle continues the pregnancy she and the baby won't both make it.

Back at the garage, Abby has returned and suddenly sees a glove, an oil slick, and a note on the floor - and she suddenly realizes things are not going to be good for Max.

The race begins, with Stephanie in Pole Position. Most everyone we are interested in are in a suite, watching the race. Victor tells Kate that they probably should have told Philip that Claire was Shawn's daughter. The announcer says that Stephanie closes the gap but then oh, Max pulls away. She is relentless and finally manages to pull up next to him, but as the RPM meter reaches a certain level there is suddenly an explosion. The announcer says that there is trouble at turn four - Max's car has exploded. Kayla looks at Patch and cries, "Our baby!" Freeze frame on juxtaposition of Patch and Kayla.

Posted by Gordon on October 6, 2006 10:24 AM
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