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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Fist Fights, Men in Tights

Oh, the kiss continues - and suddenly Shawn sees Belle. She excuses herself and he goes after her and says he can explain. He follows her and proceeds to tell her that Willow is just a friend and the kiss meant nothing - Willow takes this well (well, not really.) She walks off and Shawn states emphatically that he cares about her. He restates that the custody suit was dropped because of his respect for Philip - the same Philip that fled, of course. She loved him but clearly not enough. Belle is sad that he used Willow the way he did. He says he didn't use her and she points out that she was half undressed and yet he said she meant nothing. Ultimately, Belle says, him kissing Willow means no future for them. Clearly he's not ready to be a father.

Sami and Carrie are going at it full force. The cake has to get involved, of course. Sami doesn't understand why they can't just accept her apology. Everyone gets on her for not changing as she said she would and surely we know who is outside listening - EJ! Finally after listening for awhile he yells through the door - is everything all right? Sami asks him to come back later. They continue to bicker and eventually Austin and Carrie leave. Sami says she will get another cake and Lucas says he and Will can celebrate without her. Will gets home and Lucas says he can't live there anymore.

Dinnertime with Carrie and Austin. Carrie says they should do the same to Lexie as she did to them, somehow. Austin says they should leave Salem.

Kate tells Roman that she needs his help with Sami. When she explains that Lucas has moved in he doesn't see it as a big deal. Roman gets ready to leave and says he has real criminals to catch and Sami has to learn to make the right choice. Kate is worried about Will and Roman says there is no need to worry. He talked to him after he came back and he said things were better as his parents were back... together. Oh, he feels silly for not seeing it. Kate worries he will run away for good. Roman says he will talk with Marlena. This is when Roman gets a call and he leaves. EJ comes and explains everything that happened but Kate wonders why he left Sami and Lucas alone. EJ says it's not a problem and plans to bed Sami - and Lucas will find them like that. Kate wonders if he is too eager to do this and he says he loves doing his job - is she jealous? Then he whispers something in her ear in a yucky way.

Patrick and Hope are at a bar enjoying a milk and wine (you can imagine who has what) and Bo comes by to break in on the fun. He asks to speak with Hope and she says she has said what she has to say - but he hasn't as he tells her. He takes responsibility for what happened tonight and wishes he could take it back. He warns her against Patrick. Patrick, speaking of which, lets her know that their table is ready and this is just when he and Bo get into a little fight. Patrick says he'll get police protection if needed and just in time, Roman arrives. Oh yes, and Bo gets arrested for assault - and we freeze frame on Patrick. Things are looking just dandy.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 19, 2006 5:58 PM
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