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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Everyone Knew About Claire?

Marlena wonders why this all happened to her. John tells her about Bo's theory that someone is out to hurt them. Marlena says that they are going to go back to Salem and she is going to do what she does best - take care of people, like Belle in her pregnant state. John tells her the not so good news. Marlena regretst the trip and wishes she had stayed at home in Salem.

Lucas and Will discuss which of their dvds they are going to watch this evening while Sami is on her date. Will wants to see the NC-17 film but Lucas forbids it. Does this mean he is going to have to sit through High School Musical? (Hey, that wasn't such a bad movie.) Sami gets the good news from Abe and passes it on. EJ arrives and takes her off for their date. After they leave Will and Lucas remove their bathrobes and - uh oh - they're fully dressed underneath! They surely have something in mind for the night.

EJ tells Sami they're going to Chez Rouge and will surely have a lovely evening. Curiously when they get to the restaurant Maggie can't find their reservation. Outside, Lucas and Will put some Limburger cheese inside EJ's car. Lucas says they should go and Will asks if this is a way to get Sami back. EJ says he surely has a reservation and they bicker and finally leave - and Maggie calls to tell Lucas the good news. Lucas tells Will that things aren't that simple. EJ and Sami get in the car and discover the smell. They obviously can't use the car and so EJ calls a cab. Back home, Will is super amused by their work. Surely EJ will take her home now and Lucas finds a business card - the Moonlight Escort Service - and he calls and says they are on. At EJ's, he tells Sami they should have started the date there. They nearly kiss and the doorbell rings - and a woman comes in and embraces him, asking him where he has been. She turns out to be Kandi, with an i. EJ shows her the door. She asks what that was about and he doesn't know - but he has a good idea who set it up. Lucas and Will are outside, hee hee. EJ tells Sami that he will prevent Lucas from ruining their night and they kiss. That will kill Lucas without the risk of jail. Lucas suffers outside - that was expensive cheese, aparently. It must have been kosher.

Philip confronts Kate - how could she keep the knowledge that Shawn was Claire's father all this time away from him? She says there has obviously been a huge misunderstanding. How could she know and not tell him? Well, she says, Belle and Shawn slept together. Kate says she didn't mean to hurt him and Philip asks again why she would do this to him. She was worried that he was going to lose Claire and Belle and she thought it was right not to tell him. Philip tells her to never come near him again and leaves. She finds him again and says he surely doesn't mean it. He says she's not the only one who knew and finally says that his father knew as well.

Carrie tells Belle that she should concentrate on herself and getting better. Belle says that she has been selfish for too long. Carrie wonders if she is referring to loving Shawn. Belle tells Carrie that clearly Shawn doesn't want a future with them. Shawn, meanwhile, approaches Belle's room hesitantly. Belle tells Carrie about Shawn dropping the lawsuit and then says that she and Shawn are over - and she doesn't want to see or talk to him ever again. He hears this, of course - so he chucks the flowers he has in a bin. PSA: If you are ever in this situation, give your flowers to an elderly sick patient who is otherwise alone. They almost always appreciate a kind gesture like that. Plus, it's a good way to reuse the flowers in a positive way. Meanwhile, Carrie encourages Belle to tell Shawn that she loves him and wants to be with him for the rest of her life. Her love for Shawn won't go away and one day Philip will realize this. She tells her to let Philip go so he can find someone who will love him like she loves Shawn. Oh, if only the solution to her problems would appear at the door. Of course, Marlena appears. They invite her back home. They will take care of her.

Shawn decides he's going to do something about this all and goes for Max's car with a baseball bat. Philip stops him and Shawn says he pulled the plug on the engine project - just another disappointment in life. Philip tells him that this isn't the only thing Victor did - he knew that Shawn was Claire's father. Shawn takes this calmly and cooly. Just kidding - he screeches that the whole world knew and jumps in the car. Back home, Philip wonders why Claire keeps on crying. He tells her he will always be there for her.

At Victor's house, Kate tells Victor that Philip found out about her knowing about Claire. Hoboy. Victor says he will surely forgive her - he will call and work everything out. He offers her a scotch - the same one that got Grant through the Civil War. He senses that she has something else to say and she admits that she said that he knew, too. He tells her to call and say whatever it takes to straighten things out. Slow motion - Loud crashing noise - with firey effects! Don't worry, it's just Shawn in a racecar which has crashed into the house. Victor yells at Shawn, "What the hell are you doing?" Shawn yells right back at him. "I am going to make you pay!" and we have a curious red and blue freeze frame.

Posted by Gordon on October 10, 2006 2:07 PM
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