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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Choose EJ or Will and Lucas

Kate gets back from the wedding and tells Lucas that Sami is up to again and describes what happened. Lucas just can't believe that Austin and Carrie got married. He's not surprised but wasn't expecting it so soon. Kate refers to Sami as a loathsome guttersnipe and Will jumps in and tells her not to talk about his mother like that. She is his mother and Lucas takes Will aside. Will says he still loves her regardless of what she did and he will miss her. He's sick of being disappointed. Kate of course listens on. He says moving out could have been the dumbest move ever - can't they just be a family? They think to offer their mother an olive branch and Kate breaks in and says it's a moronic idea. Will says she only does what she does because she loves her family - maybe if she knew she could count on them... Lucas says they could be friends. He tells Will not to get his hopes up - they're going to drive each other crazy. Will suggests they go to see her now. Kate makes a phone call after they leave and tells the air (named EJ) to pick up the phone.

Frankie, happy to get a speaking role, consoles Stephanie - or at least tries to. He and Max agree that she should focus on getting better. Max offers to take her but she gives him the big snub. He jerkfacedly says that he's planning on breaking up when the time is right. Frankie encourages him to tell her the truth. Max goes to Stephanie's room to encourage her. She says she's glad she's not going through this alone and offers her hand, which she takes, briefly. He is the biggest idiot in the world, seriously. Her character is phenomenally charming, not to mention good looking. Frankie enters looking for Max but apparently he left - to the garage. Stephanie asks if Max said anything about them as a couple and Frankie avoids it. She just wants to know for sure if he wants to be with her. Perhaps Max was waiting for the right time? She appreciates his honesty and says she needs time seulement as they say. Alone, she cries. Stephanie chucks the bear in the bin.

Back at the garage, Max gets questions about Steve and Kayla but no answers until tomorrow. All will feel better when they find out if it worked. Abby asks about Stephanie and then wishes she could make things better for her. Max says he's the last person Stephanie needs right now. She points out that he has been her best friend and Max says that he decided before the accident that he can't have a relationship with her. He cares about her but he doesn't see things working out long term. Somehow he could see things working out with Chelsea time and time again while she nearly made out with strangers but with a perfectly lovely woman he pushes aside? Abby is sorry things didn't work out for them and says he shouldn't blame himself. He segues into saying he's glad he hired her.

John and Bo figure out that Patrick is the hired gun - but how is EJ associated with all of this? Surely if they can figure out that they are up to no good he can keep Patrick from his wife and from hurting people. John stops him before he can rush off and tells him to be sure that they don't step on Abe and Roman's investigation - they should tell Abe the truth. He promises to back him either way. Shawn Senior approaches, looking for Mrs. Brady and Bo asks for his advice. He proposes a hypothetical situation of a copy who knows a person is bad - does it matter how he turns the person is? Shawn Senior sees through his hypothetical situation and tells him he needs to be a team player to win. Caroline comes up and Shawn Senior says they should find a doctor. Bo goes off to drop a dime as it were - he calls John and asks him to meet him at the station. Caroline says that Patch and Kayla look ill. Frankie asks how they are doing and says that when Kayla gets better he's going to go to D.c. Shawn Senior is upset and says he has added ten years to his life and he is a good man. Doctor Meyers comes out and says the antidote doesn't seem to be working right now though he has done all kind of research. Frankie says he will call his friend at the FDA and Caroline says he has to do everything to save her daughter.

John approaches Abe and though he is hesitant to hear anything once he hears Bo is involved he talks him into listening. Bo arrives just in time. They go into Abe's office where Abe tells Bo that he's about to kick him off the force for good. Bo says he has information that will help them and John stands behind him. They say it has been EJ Wells. Abe points out that he donates half of his income to charity. John doesn't know his motive. He says that he acquired his cell phone long enough to find out that he made 12 phone calls to EJ. Surely even Abe sees it is suspicious. Abe says they have traced the gloves to Italy and they are rarely imported. He commends their good work. Bo asks if they can proceed with the case. Abe assents to let them continue but Bo is not back on the force (yet) and John needs to keep him on a short leash. He warns Bo to be careful. Bo remembers when they found an unexpected set of prints on the envelope Sami brought in - EJ's. This is interesting. Bo says Sami came in "a few weeks ago" and I just checked - it was the episode that aired August 8.

Sami, now sober as a judge, greets EJ at the door - he has wine. Apparently having a gallon of water and a shower is all it takes to sober you up. She is frustrated that she wasn't told about the twin weddings though can appreciate why. They kiss, and they kiss, and then kiss some more. She says they should take things slowly and he says they're usually interrupted when they do that. More kissing. The phone rings but EJ doesn't pick it up. There is a knock at the door and they pretend not to hear. Will yells and Sami says surely he won't want to stay long. Sami answers the door and it is Will and Lucas - she asks what they are doing there. She says they can lecture her and Will says that's not why they are there - nor are they there to ruin their evening. Will says they're there because they miss her and want to be a family. He apologizes for treating her badly and Sami hugs Will and says she missed him. Will tells EJ that he's a loser if he thinks he can get Sami to choose between her son and him - he should leave. EJ asks Sami what she thinks. She says she wants to spend time with Will and he says they're just trying to keep EJ and her apart. Sami says she needs her family and surely he's not going to make her choose. He says, "it's either Lucas and Will or me."

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 27, 2006 2:46 PM
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-- Posted by: Valerie at January 24, 2007 8:41 AM

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