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Days of Our Lives: Chelsea Does Salem

Patch tells Billie he's not sure how to be a parent. She assures him it's no different than remembering how to ride a bike - or drink a beer. He goes into Stephanie's room with a patch-wearing bear. He says his memory he had of her was of her being a baby. Stephanie asks, "What is she doing here?" in Billie's direction. He says she's his friend and Stephanie says she's no friend to her and Billie leaves. Patch says she certainly is his daughter. Stephanie talks about how she grew up fatherless and how he can surely make this up by trying to be with Kayla.

A leather jacket wearing gentleman asks how much Chelsea is going for these days. Apparently he doesn't offer enough and when she refuses he says he's going to beat her up. An undercover police officer drives up and after getting the jerk away she propositions him and he places her under arrest. She backpedals and says it's just a big misunderstanding. He asks if she is worried her parents will find out and she thinks she is hoping it will be the case.

Outside, Kayla runs into Billie and asks what she is doing there. Explanation. At least they both agree that Steve needs to spend more time with Stephanie. Billie says she should fight for Steve. They bicker but then Billie's phone rings - problems with Chelsea! She goes into the room with Stephanie and they have a happy moment. Patch proposes cheeseburgers and says he can smuggle them in. Stephanie tells Kayla this is a positive sign of things to come.

Tek sits down with Lexie and asks how it went with Abe. She says she didn't end things with Abe. Tek is upset and asks if he threatened her and she explains everything - and that she never stopped loving him. Tek says that he loves her and he knows the feeling is reciprocal. Tek reminds her he can't even make love to her anymore - she says this isn't the case anymore. She tells him what they had is over and she leaves.

Abe asks for a full forensic report from all of the evidence - and to get CSI to check out Shawn's car. They should stop at nothing to find the perp. Bo walks in and says they already found the perp - and let him go. Abe pulls him into his office and asks if he really wants his badge taken away and Bo says he's not going to stop until Lockhart fries for murder. Abe thinks this is an idiotic notion. He has to figure out how to deal with this or he will surely lose both his job and Hope. As Bo leaves Abe assures him he will keep his eye on him.

Lexie approaches Abe at Chez Rouge - she orders a vodka martini with a twist. She tells him that she gave Tek the message - her life is with him and Theo. She gets her drink and raises it - to nothing ever coming between them again. Naturally this is when Tek comes in and begs to differ. Lexie rolls her eyes. Things nearly get Jerry Springer-like. Naturally Tek takes it up a notch and proposes.

Mimi is reticent to meet this friend of Willow's. She is less than pleased to see the Fancy Face III. Long stare from Willow when Mimi introduces Shawn as her husband. Good going, Shawn. Mimi says Shawn is no angel - and then compares Willow's tale to Pretty Woman, with Shawn as Richard Gere. After Mimi storms off Shawn says that hers is in fact a fallen angel - and Willow says those are her favorite. They decide to take the boat out. Ah, fishing. Rather, an attempt at fishing. King Solomon he is not. Oh well - at least they can make out.

Bo looks through some files and detective Robin asks for them back. Apparently if you're not on the case you get lower priority than if you are on the case. Mimi comes in to talk about Shawn but he says he doesn't want to get between them. No, she says, he is in trouble. She tells him about Willow but he already knows. She says they head out to sea and Bo goes to leave and then Billie comes in to stop him with the "good news." Billie's expression when they drag Chelsea in is priceless.

On the boat, things are getting feisty and it starts raining. What neither of them notice is the radio telling all to get back to dock. Alas, no freeze frame on the radio.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 16, 2006 5:06 PM
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the old Chelsea plays on south of nowhere now! they look so much alike

-- Posted by: kayla at October 21, 2006 2:48 PM

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