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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: A Cure for Patch and Kayla

Roman finds out that Frankie's doctor friend is in the Himalayas. Not so great news. John and Bo discuss EJ and Patrick and Roman overhears Sami mentioned and asks what she has done now. They explain the note situation.

After some hesitation Lexie and Abe come in. They offer to help in any way they can but are a bit rebuffed. Things get better when Caroline says she is always welcome and Lexie offers to research the problem. Bo says he will go and speak with Sami. Lexie, meanwhile, finds a relevant web site. She manages to find a drug and a doctor's name and all are excited.

Roman and Caroline take off with the relevant information and Lexie thanks Abe for standing by her. At the doctor's office, the doctor says this isn't a surefire cure. They agree to go through with it.

Shawn is a little put off when he goes to visit Claire and has the door slammed in his face. He doesn't give up but Belle opens up and reminds him of everything he has done recently including sleeping with Belle. She tells him he doesn't care and says she will call the police if necessary and Shawn comes back that he will sue for full custody if necessary and then leaves. Later, John comes by and wonders why she wouldn't let Shawn see Claire. She says that Claire is better off without him given how he has been acting. John says she should help him grow up.

Shawn packs up his things in the garage and Willow comes by to help. She offers to let him stay with her at the YWCA. He wonders how this will be possible but goes along with her.

Sami is put off by EJ's ultimatum and says he can't ask her to choose. He says he is sick of being second choice and says he has to end things. She says he shouldn't take it personally as being a good mother is the most important thing to her. EJ responds that she shouldn't call him when they abandon her again. With Will's' prompting Lucas says he wants them to at least be good parents and they should be friends. They're not moving back but they want to take it up and see how it goes. This is when Bo comes over and asks for time with Sami. After Will and Lucas leave he asks about EJ. He fills her in on all the details and Sami says it couldn't be EJ.

EJ goes to see Kate and tells her the bad news. He says he is giving up on this whole mess. There is something that resembles intimacy but I won't put you off of your lunches. Will and Lucas come knocking and EJ goes into the other room. Will says clearly Sami needs them more than ever.

Bo tells Sami all about Patch and Kayla and she says she is being shut out of all things Brady. Bo probes as to what was in the envelope and Sami asks why EJ is a suspect. He tells her he doesn't trust her and she ought not trust him either. Of course, increasingly evil EJ is out in the hall and we freeze frame on him. I guess good looks aren't everything.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 30, 2006 5:38 PM
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