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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Will's Back!

Orange Jumpsuited Patrick Lockhart is led to a room where Hope is waiting. He wonders if her being there means that she thinks that he is innocent. She gives him the 'innocent until proven guilty' line that every child learns in grade school. He faux appreciates this. The evidence, alas, all points to him. She says he should tell her where Will is if he knows. He proclaims his innocence and she goes through the laundry list of evidence against him, all of which he magically has some excuse for. They don't even have any proof the gun was the murder weapon. Clearly Bo must have set him up. She tells him to leave Bo out of it - he didn't steal the surveilance disc to get Chelsea out, and he wouldn't frame an innocent man. If she had to believe anyone now she would believe Bo - and Patrick cocks his head to indicate she should look behind her - oh, it's Bo! After Patrick once more says he is innocent Hope reminds him of the evidence and Bo says that the evidence proves him guilty. The ballistics test said the bullet that killed Eve came from his gun. Patrick says the gun isn't really his and the registration must be fake. Bo then asks him why he called Sami the day that Will disappeared. He says he did no such thing. Bo goes over the evidence once more and Patrick swears up and down that it could not have been him. Bo asks to speak with Patrick alone and as Hope leaves Patrick once again swears he is innocent. Alone, Bo asks him once more where Will is and he says he doesn't know. As Biff would say, "Wrong answer, McFly!"

Austin joins Carrie in the pub. She says she thinks she really is a slut as Sami said. They should have been focused on finding Will and not fooling around. She needs to find a place to live, a home. He says he hopes she finds that home with him. They smooch but Carrie stops it and says people are watching. They leave the pub and Austin tries to assure her that she's not that bad. She says she is going to see her father.

In Roman's office, Bo says he thinks he can get Lockhart to talk. Roman says that Sami and Lucas are going to be on television to appeal for Will's return. Bo says he is going to see what he can get out of Lockhart and Roman reminds him that whatever he gets has to be legitimately acquired as it were. Officer Kasaras comes in with the murder weapon report and hands it to Roman, who looks at it. Bo asks if Lockhart's gun was the murder weapon and Roman shows him the report. Carrie comes knocking and Roman can tell this isn't a tea party visit. She says she made the biggest mistake and hurt a lot of people and just doesn't know what to do. She tells him that she is with Austin once more. They review the whole story. She feels horrible for what she did. She would have done it all over again the same but never would have married Lucas. Roman decides to make a call to see how Marlena is doing and... wait for it... she never showed up.

Lucas comes over to Sami's apartment and asks where Austin is. She starts to tell him and he can fill in the details. Soon they are joined by Kate, EJ, and a whole news crew. Sami thanks them for coming. EJ suggests that they should talk about Will and how much he means to them. Kate suggests Austin and Carrie make an appeal as well as they are family and Lucas says that neither of them are family. Kate takes him aside and says she can't believe it's over. Couldn't they work things out? He jokes that it would only work out if he contracted a hit on Austin. He says he would rather be with a bad girl because then he can just keep his guard up. Kate looks at Sami and says he will most certainly not go back to bad girls but Lucas argues she has no say in it. They go back and forth until EJ tells them it's time for the appeal. Lucas and Sami are put together on the couch and are told to hold hands. Kate objects saying it isn't a reality television dating program and the television crew say it is supposed to make a sympathetic sort of plea. Aside, Kate is worried that Sami is going to move in for the kill and she will lose her son. Sami, meanwhile, is worried about saying the wrong thing. Lucas says she should just focus on saying how much they love Will. Austin comes and immediately wonders why EJ is there. Lucas sees him and says he didn't realize it was garbage day. He tells Austin that he is Will's father and he is going to be there to support Sami and not him. The television appeal begins and Lucas starts by talking to Will and how everyone misses him. He is so proud to be his father. He begs the captors not to hurt Will and he will give whatever money they want and to please just return their son. Sami says how they were going to the World Series this year and how the captor should take out whatever he has a problem with should be taken out on Sami and not Will. Will casually walks into the apartment and says hello to Austin who greets him and suddenly excitedly gives him a big hug. Sami and Lucas soon follow and Sami smothers him in little kisses and we freeze frame on the reunited family - Sami, Will, and Lucas.

Posted by Gordon on September 26, 2006 2:07 PM
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