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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Whose Girl Friday? Jack's Girl Friday!

Somebody's chicken soup - possibilities - in the case of Shawn and Mimi this means making out on the couch. Knock at the door - it's Belle and her baby needing some help. Claire missed her nap and won't go down. Noone puts the baby to sleep like Shawn. The phone rings and Shawn goes to get it. It's Philip, who tells Shawn that it's his sister that made up the DNA test. Shawn has taken off and Belle wonders why Mimi is so insecure about her relationship - unless perhaps she thinks Claire is Shawn's. Of course not - short of immaculate conception. Mimi says to stop coming to Shawn for help in the future. She apologizes for being harsh. Mimi can't help but feel insecure - what is it going to be like when Belle has the baby?

Max can't believe what happened. He defends Chelsea. Who hits someone, says Philip, and doesn't investigate? Who then follows this by partying and drinking? Max needs to wake up.

Bo is not in fact arresting her. He would like to know why her prints are on the file. Bo says the file must have been fabricated - and how did it get in Shawn's room? There is only one explanation. Bo uses lines from yesterday's episode - and then says he should lock her up. Frankie says if he does so he will have him to deal with. (I love pronouns.) Frankie asks to be alone with Chelsea and then tells her to come clean. Yes, she put the file there but not for the reason people think. Max and Philip come in to ask what is going on. Bo says he would love to just give Chelsea the benefit of the doubt but every time he trusts her he gets kicked in the teeth. It's a good thing Chelsea is not a horse. Shawn comes in and asks if everything he has just heard is in fact true and if so why hasn't Bo called? He was going to call after the interrogation. Chelsea and Frankie come out and Shawn and Philip tell Chelsea that she's going to get what she deserves. They argue and Max gives Shawn a good patsh. Actually he really badly fake punches him. Chelsea admits that she left the file just as she found it. Is she trying to say that Shawn is Claire's father? Lots of fingerprints but only Chelsea's were on the inside. Max can't believe it. She says she was just trying to do something good. Philip says after the criminal trial is over he is taking her to civil court. Shawn tells her she means nothing to him now. Chelsea asks for time alone with Max. She says she is so sorry and to please believe her. He says he can't take it anymore and breaks up with her. (Good move, Max!)

Jack loves the smell of a newsroom in the morning. He checks out his old desk and is enjoying being back. He notices an odd photo on the desk - it's Mary Sue's husband. He chucks it and says she has to move over. They decide they are going to work together. First they should figure out the make and model of the gun. He calls Harold, the new editor - he and Jennifer are going to solve a mystery, he says. They can't find information about it online. Jack says he finds it in a gun catalog and they argue forever about whether or not it is the same gun, and how stubborn they are - and how they first met. We cut to a flashback. This one is more than a week old, for once. Jennifer is tells Jack that she wants to commit to him and as Jack tries to leave, she locks the door and puts the key down her blouse. Back in present time Jennifer says if he doesn't admit he was wrong she will just leave and never come back. He admits he was wrong and they go through the catalog again. Surely the only way the person at the warehouse had the photo was if he had it in his possession to begin with. Perhaps he was the killer - or perhaps the photo will lead to Eve's killer. Jack suddenly gets an idea and they go to see an old friend of his.

The friend turns out to be a guy at a pawn shop. He looks remarkably like one of Douglas Quaid's friends in Total Recall. Jack has an offer that he can't refuse. The pawn shop owner says it's an excellent gun and surely they will find an appropriate way to thank him for his help - and takes the photo to the back. Jennifer is quite worried about this. Jack stumbles across a guitar and Jennifer reminds him that he is tone deaf. He finds an old typewriter and they think of His Girl Friday. They imagine themselves being in the film. It's actually one of my favourite films ever. Back to life - back to reality - Sol asks for cash money, and after getting it he produces a list of some of the owners. Jennifer notices something on the list and shows it to Jack. He thinks it is the killer - and Salem is in for quite a shock, he says - and we freeze frame on them.

Posted by Gordon on September 8, 2006 5:59 PM
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