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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Two Feet In Front!

At the station, Abe offers his congratulations to newly crowned grandfather Bo. He tells him how Philip flipped out. Roman comes in to ask why Abe isn't out with Lexie on their date. Why is he even doing it, Bo asks, since Patrick has been arrested. Abe explains that Will is still missing and Lexie is a suspect. Of course, Tek walks in to overhear this. He throws accusatory statements at Abe. Abe is ready to throw down the glove when Roman tells Tek that it was his idea that someone surely had it in for the Bradys. Abe tells Tek, " cross this line again and I will have your badge."

Later, Roman and Tek are in Roman's office and Roman tells him that he is off the Eve Michael case and he will get sacked if he says anything to Lexie. Tek says he can't take him off the case since Patrick asked for his help. Roman gets a phone call and then calls Bo to tell him that according to Patrick's phone records, he called Sami the day of Will's kidknapping. He tells him that they can't slip up lest something terrible happen to Will.

Billie and Chelsea are at Dune, looking at the menu. Chelsea is thankful that Billie is willing to come out in public with her despite everything she has done and how Salem surely feels about her. Billie is about to tell her something when Lexie cuts in to thank Billie for being a good source of encouragement and support in regards to Abe. Billie admits to Chelsea what she testified at the divorce hearing. She says she was a terrible mother and apologizes to Chelsea. Bo comes in and tells Chelsea that he is proud of her. They explain pleasantries about what Billie said in court and how he is a grandfather.

EJ finds himself at their table and says it's nice to see them again. He makes drug double entendres with Chelsea but she is clueless. When she figures out what he is talking about she asks him not to say anything and he agrees so long as she promises not to "touch that junk again." She agrees.

Abe comes in and takes Lexie to sit with him. He says that she looks great and asks what she is up to. They raise a glass to Theo. She seems elsewhere. She tells Abe that she realizes that there's a lot of work they need to do in their relationship but she knows she can trust him. It feels like a date, he says. She wants to be happy together forever.

Sami cries, looking at Will's photo. EJ comes to the rescue. Sami tells him that Austin is out on the roof and curiously EJ says Carrie was heading up as well. She says she hopes they're not 'comforting' each other as it were. She takes the time to admit that EJ was right about Austin all along. With all that's happening to Lucas right now, she hopes that Carrie will be there for him. Sami goes upstairs to see what is going on.

On the roof, Lucas watches as his wife and brother exchange saliva and then tells Austin to get his hands off of her. Carrie takes this opportunity to apologize. Lucas goes crazy go nuts and Austin takes responsibility. Lucas is grateful that EJ told him that they were up there and he goes for Austin. He turns to Carrie and says he can't believe that he just was in bed with her. Austin is less than pleased. Lucas asks if she was thinking about Austin. He can't believe she was just with him and was now with Austin. Sami of course hears this as she comes out and calls Carrie a cheating whore. Lucas says he doesn't care what Carrie has to say, he wants her out of his life. He clearly can't trust her. EJ says he is sorry for saying anything and Sami says he did them all a favor. Austin snaps and tells EJ to get out of there because he's always at the wrong place at the wrong time. EJ takes off saying that the most important thing is to find Will. Alone, Sami tears into Austin, saying that it's obvious that she really was the second class citizen she was afraid he made her out to be.

Carrie comes up to the roof later and she says she can't fathom how they can face Sami or Lucas ever again. Things really got all sorts of messed up.

Sami goes to Lucas', where he is despondant. Sami says that finding true love is worth it in the end. Lucas says he probably wouldn't recognize his soul mate even if she were two feet in front of him. Guess who's two feet in front of him?

--Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 25, 2006 11:09 PM
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I love me some Tek...get your woman!!

-- Posted by: Texie Love at September 26, 2006 12:08 AM

Carrie a 'ho.

Austin a 'ho too.

-- Posted by: mac at September 26, 2006 5:22 PM

sure wish the old Belle would come back and the old Jack.

-- Posted by: Roy at September 27, 2006 11:11 PM

Why would Sami want to sleep with a man who slept with her sister and was married to her. That is just completely sick in my opinion.

-- Posted by: Katie at October 27, 2006 4:21 PM

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