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Days of Our Lives: The Press Confrence That Ends With An Arrest

Jack wants to know the results! Lexie is off duty which could be bad - but actually it seems more positive. Jennifer thinks he is in remission. Frankie comes a knocking and awkward hellos are exchanged. Jack thanks him - if it weren't for him he wouldn't have the treatment. A nurse asks for some insurance information and so Frankie and Jennifer leave. She thanks him for coming. Yes but they have to come to some sort of decision about their situation. With whom will she go? She loves them both, obviously. Doctor Berman gets them all together in Jack's room. Jack bluntly asks, "Am I still dying or not?" Unfortunately, the doctor has no answers yet. If you were expecting an immediate answer you're watching the wrong soap opera. Try Coronation Street. Frankie says he will call his friend and try to push things along - now he has to go to the GP press confrence. Jack is feeling tired and Jennifer offers to take him home. Frankie takes off. Suddenly Jack's phone rings and it's Mechanical Voice saying that it has information on Eve Michaels' murder. Jack asks who is calling and we hear mechanical laughter. Mechanical Voice suggests meeting at the warehouse across from Pier Five within the hour. What is going on, Jennifer asks. It's Deep Throat II, he says. He says he is going to go and meet the person - this is the best medicine ever. Jack sneaks into a strange warehouse. Is anyone there? He hopes this isn't a wild goose chase. It's a man's voice that sounds oddly like Frankie and tells him that what he will tell him could get them both killed. Jack hears something and excuses himself for a moment. He sneaks up on Jennifer. He apologizes to the person but they have already left. Great, he says, now look what you've done. This plays like a scene out of His Girl Friday. The owner of the voice has also left a photograph of a gun.

Bo gets a funny phone call describing Will as a red haired kid with bells on his shoes. Crank call, of course. Bo doesn't think Lexie is capable of all this but Abe insists she is a DiMera and capable of anything. He also hopes that she doesn't figure out he is investigating her - he isn't really interested in getting back together with her. Is there a connection between Eve's killing and Will's kidknapping? Why would Lexie have killed Eve? Who knows? Abe fills out a suspect board and Lexie comes in but doesn't see her name on the board as it is facing away from her. Bo says he has to head over to Chez Rouge. Abe tells Lexie that he realized that he made a huge mistake, and is withdrawing the divorce petition. He realized that he drove her away - he wouldn't even consider other ways of being intimate and they ask each other if they can forgive one another. He is willing to give it a go so long as Tek is really in her past and she won't do anything like this ever again. He misses having their family together. He's not quite ready to go back home but says they should have dinner at the penthouse grill. They also have an odd conversation about baseball cards. Enter a police officer who says they have identified the fingerprints on Claire's file. Abe has to make a phone call, of course. Abe and Lexie discuss all the things that Chelsea has done. Did she also switch the embryos?

Chez Rouge is closed today for the GP press confrence. Abby is worried about Jack's test results. People are worried about Will. Max bumps into Stephanie and she teases him. They should pretend to hate each other at the press confrence. Perhaps they should postpone the press confrence, suggests Maggie. No need for this. The press confrence will keep people busy and is good for business. No pun intended.

Abby asks Chelsea what is going on. She explains that she was just trying to help but now it has gotten really much worse. Chelsea says she wasn't involved in the embryo switching, though. Max knocks on Stephanie's door to tell her the press confrence is starting soon. She comes out and he gives her a once over. Chelsea comes by to ask what they are doing and Stephanie remembers she left something in the room. Max is glad Chelsea came by.

Philip asks Kate and EJ if they are in fact starting a company as he saw on CNBC. Kate says she is decreasing her involvement. EJ gets a drink for Philip. EJ asks if Philip is now the competition. EJ is looking forward to serving Philip "a healthy portion of dust."

Maggie sees Frankie and asks about Jennifer. He says he is tired of waiting for Jennifer to come to a decision. Maggie starts the press confrence. Chelsea spots Bo and wonders what he could possibly be doing there. The racers are introduced. Stephanie and Max both talk about how happy they are to be racing. A reporter asks how they feel about each other and they play the hating each other angle. They discuss their racing strategies. The reporter notices they have chemistry - are they racing off the track as well? Max says they are friends but he has a good luck charm - Chelsea. This is when Bo gets a phone call, of course. He stops the press confrence and says he has to take Chelsea into custody. She struggles but he tells her to not say a thing until she gets herself a lawyer. The reporter asks Max what kind of good luck charm his girlfriend is now - and we freeze frame on a ticked off Max and a black and white Stephanie.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 7, 2006 2:57 PM
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