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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Some Like It Hot

Max continues to kiss Stephanie. He hopes it is not too hot for him - oh, but she likes it hot. He suggests they get some dinner. He leaves and she follows and mouths "yes" quite happily as she leaves. They order Chinese food from Wu Fong's and they bicker over who ate the last egg roll. He says it was the cat that he keeps there to keep the rats away - egg roll eating rats. She has never seen a rat around there, she says as she gets up to stretch and when she is not looking he puts a fake rat in an open container and she jumps and screams when she sees it - and then plays it cool saying she knew it was fake. They are both nervous about the Grand Prix. Stephanie is not so good with chopsticks but Max helps her out. She admits that the thing she is most afraid of is losing her father again. She feels that something is pulling him away. No fortune cookies for Max - he doesn't believe in them... sort of like Mr. Pink not believing in tipping in Reservoir Dogs. They were invented in California.

Kate, Billie, and Chelsea are looking to go to a restaurant and happen into one where Patch is perusing a menu. Billie feels awkward but Kate insists they stay. Stephen says he hasn't seen her around and she says she has been at home. After they eat and banter plenty Chelsea says she is going out. Kate also leaves meaning it's just Billie and Patch. They order devil's food cake. She seems distant and he tells her that he is planning on asking Kayla for a divorce. Billie asks if he has considered therapy. He says the problem is mainly that he doesn't remember himself at all. They connect quite well as they are and so of course they kiss just as Chelsea walks in.

Belle insists that she is fine but she hunches over yet again from her mysterious pains. Bo goes next door to tell Shawn and Mimi and asks Mimi to keep an eye on Claire. At the hospital, Philip basically blames this all on Shawn for putting stress on them with the legal papers - and now Belle may lose her baby. He points out Philip hadn't wanted the baby once he knew it was Shawn's and Philip attacks him. A guard tells Philip if he is interested in fighting to do it outside. Bo shows his badge and says he will handle it - and asks Philip if he really wants to get arrested again. When Doctor Ross comes out Shawn asks if the baby is okay.

Things are optimistic but the doctor wants to keep her for observation. Shawn goes in to see Belle and she says she was afraid she was going to lose their baby. Philip and Bo have a little chat - how did Bo feel when he was in this same position? He feels that everyone is trying to take everything away from him. Nothing can change how he feels about Claire, says Hope. He doesn't know what he will do if Claire is taken away. Shawn rubs Belle's belly and says he thinks he felt a kick. talks to her stomach area and tells the baby to grow big and strong and asks if this is okay and then tells Belle the baby said it was okay. They admire the ultrasound photograph. Shawn says he has to go. Belle asks if they have heard anything from her mother - nopers.

At the flat, Bonnie tells Mimi that if Belle lost the baby, it would mean one fewer ties Shawn has to Belle. Mimi is starting to think Belle faked her pains. Bonnie suggests that she makes Shawn a nice dinner. Who will watch Claire? They come across the baby monitor and think of using it. Mimi gets herself dolled up for Shawn and naturally the baby monitor erupts with Claire's crying. They head on over and try to see what is bothering Mimi - a tooth coming in? Shawn comes home and can't find them but hears them talking on the baby monitor. Naturally this is just when she says that Shawn would never forgive her if he found out that she has known all along that Claire is his daughter - and we have a very special fiery inferno freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on September 29, 2006 7:38 PM
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