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Days of our Lives: Shawn is the Baby's.... Daddy

Tek is visiting Patrick - and tells him off for being a cop killer. Patrick swears it wasn't him and asks for his help. Patrick reminds Tek that he got him the lead on the shoes. He will see what he can do but still doesn't believe him.

Abe tells Frankie that Jack and Jennifer are at the Hospital. As Frankie leaves he passes by Shawn who, along with Mimi and Bonnie, are full of rage that Patrick was arrested. Bonnie says they have to get Frankie. Mimi says that Patrick must have been framed. They insinuate something is awry because Bo was the arresting officer. Yes, says Abe, but Patrick's fingerprints were on the evidence. Abe promises Bonnie that she can see Patrick if she but calms down. In the holding room, Patrick meets with the family. Shawn thinks that Bo set him up. Bonnie swears that Bo won't get away with this. Abe comes into the room to tell them that the results are in.

Shawn goes up to Abe's office where Abe tries telling him that Bo wouldn't have set up Patrick. The phone rings with news of the results of the DNA tests finally being in. Shawn paces nervously and Abe suggests he take a magazine. He hopes they really get Chelsea this time. Abe says he can look at the results alone but Shawn wants Mimi and Bonnie to be there too. They all come back - Abe, Mimi, and Bonnie. Perhaps they should read it at home, Mimi suggests. He wants to open it right away - they need good news, he says.

Jennifer comes along with Jack into the ER and pleads with Lexie to make sure he lives. Abby comes in and is worried that he is not in remission. Soon Lexie comes out and tells them that she comes bearing news. He is fine - he passed out due to hypoglycemia. They all go into Jack's room where Lexie says that he is officially in remission. Jennifer thanks Lexie for everything just as Frankie comes in - he truly deserves their thanks. Frankie helped them realize that Jack and Jennifer were missing. Jack says he's in remission. Jennifer thanks Frankie again for this and there is an awkward hug with lots of stares. Abby tells Frankie that she wants to start over with him as friends. Abby wheels Jack out and Frankie tells Jennifer that clearly she wants to be with Jack. She says she is sorry - she loves him and wanted to marry him. She wants him to find the person he is to be with. Abby, Jack, and Jennifer get home and suddenly the phone rings. Apparently their editor wants them to work in London for the Spectator. Abby says they should do it. After some deliberation they decide to go ahead with it.

Frankie runs into Lexie and she tries to console him. He is free to go and do whatever he wants. Lexie feels as though her relationship with Abe is different now. Yes, Lexie - you cheated on your husband yet again. Frankie wishes her well.

Shawn has the results in his hands. He's not clear on what it means as he flips through the pages. He pauses and Mimi asks what it says. Shawn looks at them and says, "I'm Claire's father." Kisses and hug for Mimi. No freeze frame.

Posted by Gordon on September 21, 2006 3:05 AM
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Can someone e-mail me and let me know what happened to Shawn Brady ???

-- Posted by: Sherry Stine at September 28, 2006 7:14 PM

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