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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Patrick is Snared!

Court is in session and Bo isn't there to speak for himself - neither is anyone else. Alice says Bo is surely working on a plan to stop this divorce. The judge orders a recess and says Bo has ten minutes to get there. Alice informs Patrick that she wouldn't count Bo out so quickly. After a good amount of time the judge asks if it is the case that Hope wants to dissolve the marriage without half of her husband's estate and income. Hope asks to speak for herself - she didn't want to file for divorce but clearly the marriage is over. She is healthy enough to support herself. The judge asks about the house, car, boat, stocks, savings, etc - and she says all she wants is the house, which is what he agreed to. She hopes the judge will grant the divorce. No financial settlement, they agree. Billie comes in and asks to speak on behalf of Bo.

Hope resents this - it's Bo's mistress! Billie says that Bo deserves to be represented and Alice asks Hope to let her speak. Billie is sworn in (I can't help but giggle that her name is Billie Holliday Reed) and explains that the night that she and Bo were in the motel together, nothing happened. Hope screams that she saw them in bed! Billie says she slept in a chair and only got in bed when Chelsea called to say Hope was on the way. Bo never knew that any of this happened. Hope says she knows that she slept with Bo. Yes, Billie says, but it was after Hope filed for divorce. Hope only filed for divorce because of the altered e-mails. Surely she doesn't want to go through with the divorce still. Going through with the divorce will only cause more pain and she should forgive him and not give up on their marriage - and she thanks the judge. The judge asks if Hope wants to proceed and she starts to say something but the judge orders a continuance thanks to an emergency that was whispered into the judges ear - court is adjourned. Patrick offers to take her back to his place for dinner.

Roman tells Sami on the phone he loves her. EJ and Kate come in and say they can put an appeal for Will on their new television station. Lexie comes in wondering where Abe is. She takes the time to tell EJ that the assumptions he made about her are totally wrong. Tek spots Lexie and asks where she has been. Busy, she says. Abe tells them that she has been busy getting back together with him. Is that true, he asks. Roman asks Kate and EJ to leave and does so as well. Lexie explains that he has withdrawn the petition for divorce. Tek just doesn't believe this is feasible. His instinct as a cop tells him something is awry here. Abe says it's none of his business.

Jennifer is worried that Jack is really gone. The crazy shotgun woman yells at them "Goodbye and good riddance." Jennifer pleads with him to open his eyes. He's okay, he was just stunned, he says. They manage to sneak into the cabin and find a party line. (Do those still even exist?!) Jack says it is a matter of life and death. Crazy shotgun woman comes back and asks what they are doing there. Jennifer spots some tabloids and starts rambling about seeing a spaceship. Jack tries to find words - he says Jennifer was just making some sort of a joke. Enid says she is going to do some alien hunting and takes the phone so she can negotiate the release of her cow in case it is kidnapped. I'm not making this up. They look all around the house and finally find a phone. They make a call to Bo but are soon disconnected. Enid is heard yelling that she will surely kill "those liars" and they run off. They find a cave - a good place to rest and stretch out this story a bit longer. Jennifer says it reminds her of the first time they made love.

Bo is panicked that he can't find the surveillance disc. Why doesn't he just tell Hope about Kate's confession, Abe asks. For one, she recanted. He can't use Roman as a backup because he's Bo's brother. Tek suggests that perhaps the person who killed Eve also is causing problems for Bo. Abe tells Bo he should get to court - they are waiting for the list of shoe owners to be faxed in. Tek says the list shouldn't be too long as the shoe is a size eleven. The fax comes in and the list is lengthy. Surely the name of the killer is on the list. The phone rings - it's Jack. He explains the antiquity of the phone and how they have no idea where they are . They have determined who Eve Michaels' murderer is. Presumably he tells him but we don't hear it. Bo calls for a search warrant. The warrant arrives and he takes officer Kasarus with him. After they arrive Bo looks around a closet. He finds the shoes they were looking for rolled up in a blanket and a safe, of which Bo quickly picks the lock. He finds the gun and the disc. "The missing surveillance disc", Bo says through his teeth, "Got you!" Patrick walks into his house and finds Bo waiting. He asks what Bo is doing there. Bo says he is just doing his job and asks him to turn around - and arrests him for the murder of Eve Michaels.

Posted by Gordon on September 15, 2006 6:44 PM
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