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Days of Our Lives: Patrick Gets Booked -- Finally

Max asks what is bothering Abby - she is in tears. She says her parents have been missing for 24 hours. Abby says she wishes Frankie hadn't come back to Salem - his being there made everything more complicated. Yes, but he has given Jack a chance to make it through the mystery unnamed illness. True, says Abby, but his being there has ruined their family. Frankie comes in and asks how Abby is doing - not so great. he offers his support and asks about the Chelsea situation. Max says he is through with her for good. Frankie says he really hopes that Jack and Jennifer get home alive and that they are meant for each other.

Jack can't believe the cave reminds Jennifer of the first place they made love. So much time has gone by, Jennifer says. It has been wasted by him, says Jack. Jack says he will go foraging for food. He comes back with lots of berries and firewood. He tries lighting a fire with flint but doesn't do so well - it's a good thing she has matches. He manages to light a fire and they remember being on a train during the winter - and we have a lovely flashback to this train ride - they are all costumed up and funny looking. Jennifer hopes they will be found so she doesn't have to eat this food. Jack is feeling negative but Jennifer has a good feeling about things. She makes him have some food and he says it's the best meal he has ever foraged. Frankie has convlusions but it was just him choking on berries. They decided to go to sleep and Jennifer has a nice flashback to the first time they made love. Neither of them can sleep so they discuss being in the cave by fate.

Kate wants to know who they are arresting. EJ seems extremely curious and Abe asks why. He says it's all about the television system. They explain that the name of the station, Mythic, is there because the station is going to be legendary. Abe asks Lexie why she is there. She says she is there for their date. Roman thinks EJ has been up to something and he recounts a story of his friends getting drunk and his driving a tour bus which led to being arrested - but the officer was a fan. He'd rather not tell more stories, however.

Bo shows Patrick his search warrent along with the evidence that links him to the murder of Eve Michaels. He tells Hope - "He's the one you never should have trusted." Bo has enough evidence to arrest Patrick. He (accurately, thank G-d) reads him his Miranda rights and leads him away as Hope looks stunned. Bo brings Patrick into the station and sends Kasaras downstairs with the evidence and he is not to take his eyes off of it until it is signed for - Hope is there too and just can't believe it. Bo tells Patrick that he will surely get the death penalty. Bo nearly thrashes Patrick right there but Roman stops him and tells him to get some air. Bo goes out where Kate is asking if Patrick has confessed. Bo says the police station is not a coffee shop and they should just leave.

Off in some bar, Kate and EJ discuss the case. EJ says clearly Patrick paid Eve for the disc and then killed her to keep her quiet. Surely there is more to this than the surface is revealing.

Hope tells Bo that she can't believe that they're not yet divorced - and nothing has yet been proven here. Bo points out that Kasaras was with him and how he followed the law perfectly well. Hope doesn't know what to believe - and how did he figure it out? He says that Jack called - perhaps if she talked to Jennifer she would believe that Patrick is guilty? Maybe if she read this week's Soap Opera digest discussing his being fired from the show? In any case, forensics calls with a preliminary fingerprint report. Patrick gets pulled on by for booking and Patrick swears that he is innocent.

Bo takes Hope into the office and shows her the mystery disc. He says he didn't want her to have to accept anything based only on faith. The disc was the one he was accused of stealing and it has nothing but Lockhart's fingerprints all over it. "Lockhart was the one manipulating people, not me" - and we freeze frame on Hope.

Posted by Gordon on September 18, 2006 2:25 PM
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