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Days of Our Lives: Patch Kisses The Wrong Woman

EJ is at the docks - he tells Sami on the phone not to give up hope of finding Will. He stumbles across Chelsea who is sprawled out on some stairs and says, "Go away Max!" He looks through her purse and stumbles across some Ecstasy and demands to know where she got it. He throws it in the water and gets ready to make a call when she takes the phone and throws it in the water and dashes off. She enters a bar and orders anything on tap and the bartender asks for identification - which isn't necessary as EJ walks in and says she's underage. He is worried about her driving but she feels just fabulous and wants to party. Apparently this is not the kind of dive bar that throws you out for lack of ID. EJ interrupts her slutty dancing. She suddenly kisses him. Yucky. He asks why she isn't with Max. She says he broke up with him and he and everyone else thinks that she stalked Shawn and caused all the bad things to happen to the Brady family. He says he knows for a fact it wasn't her - he saw her at the wedding when Sami got the first phone call. He offers her his coat as she is cold. Suddenly everything is spinning and he makers her promise she will not do that drug again. He says she should call Max - Max who?

Patch and Kayla sit down to a super fancy meal. He knows it must be fancy because there are three forks. The first course, seviche, is one of his favourite foods. Kayla wishes she could cook again and longs for a more permanent home - she could live there with Stepahnie and perhaps they could house hunt online. Patch says he's not looking for a place in the suburbs and besides, they aren't going to live together. He clarifies - he needs some space now. Kayla raises a glass to reconnecting with the past and the future. The past doesn't matter, she says, just so long as he knows that they belong together. She didn't care what her family said about him and even though he didn't let anyone get close he finally let her in the day he let her take off his patch. Flashback to this patch taking off. She loves him. They kiss and she thinks that he remembered something but no, not really. He says that Steve Johnson is dead - and tells her it's not going to work. She breaks a glass.

Max is knocking back a couple of cold beers when Billie joins him. Doesn't he want to give Chelsea the benefit of the doubt? Surely she jokes, he says. She is worried about what Chelsea might do now. Max says he can't be bothered - and Stephanie is quite pleased. She overheard what he said and didn't mean to interrupt. Billie asks her to stay to perhaps convince him to go back to her. Max says he is convinced that Chelsea will never change. Billie says she is innocent now and isn't at all the same person who didn't take responsibility for killing Zack or the emails... uh oh. Max asks what she is talking about. Whoops. She explains what happened - she was desperate! Max says it's Chelsea's fault that Hope and Bo aren't together anymore. Billie wishes him the best but he will surely regret this. Looong stare. Max explains what happened and how they think she is responsible for the switching of the embryos. Stephanie says if it is the case then Chelsea is downright evil. In any case, says Max, it's not his problem anymore. He needs someone who isn't going to play games. Meanwhile, she is just happy that her father is back in their lives - if any two people are meant to be together, it is them. Kayla interrupts looking for Patch. She explains how he just split.

Patch patch plays on his harmonica and gets paid a compliment by Billie. He can't remember anything about his life but he can play pretty well. She mentions Stephanie and gets a stare. He says he has been pretty much alone for so long and wants to keep it like that. He has too much happening to be tied down - for example, he has to beat her at darts. She says she is flying solo as well but is all about romance and the moment - and they kiss.

Posted by Gordon on September 12, 2006 5:56 PM
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