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Days of Our Lives: Paddling Monkey Isn't Good Evidence

John and Patch sit down with coffee, only to be joined with Bo who is in a rush - he's going for ultrasounds with Hope. Bo asks how he will prove that he didn't steal the evidence if Eve is linked and now dead. Whoever bribed her is probably the same one who killed her. John thinks that Kate knows something. Roman apparently wants to handle Kate. Patch says he needs to go to the station. John says that if he had a wife like Kayla he wouldn't be going off other places. He too had amnesia and has gotten past it by not looking back too much. All Steve wants to know is his past and how Kayla can see so much in him. John says how bad he was and how Kayla loved him just the way he was and never tried to tame him. Marlena walks in and John calls her "Doc" and Patch realizes who she is. Could she help him with his memory? She is tied up but offers her card and says he should see Doctor Baker. John asks why she is so busy and she says they need to talk. They sit down to coffee and she says that she came to say goodbye. She explains how she has been invited to go to Trenton to set up a statewide empowerment group. She would have set up a statewide empowerment group here but they're not quite clear on what state they are actually in. Well, when Marlena comes back they will all be a good complete family again.

Kate snoops around Eve's apartment and knocks on her door. (Does she expect Eve to answer?) Kate takes out a handkerchief and credit card and enters into Eve's apartment. She uses the handkerchief to look around the apartment. Surely something must be there that would incriminate her, she is probably thinking. At least she has better searching technique than the people in Trapped in the Closet. Roman comes out with a disk in his hand and asks, "Looking for something, Kate?" He asks why she always has to lie and cheat - John told him she would try this but he wanted to handle this if it were the case. She says she appreciates how protective he is of her - could she do anything for him? Yes, he says - don't resist arrest. Kate lets it slip that she helped hide the evidence. Whoops. Kate says that Eve actually crossed her and gave her a blank disk - she was looking for the real disk. Roman doesn't necessarily think she's a murderer but he has to arrest her for what she did. He takes her into his office and says they should look at the evidence. As it turns out it is a monkey paddling a canoe. Kate says he can't arrest her because of the lack of evidence. She will light a candle in a church for Eve. Roman tells her to be careful - it's obvious the killer did the double crossing because otherwise Eve would have the real disk. Kate asks to be arrested right away.

Austin stops Carrie from leaving by picking her up and spinning her around on his head. He wants to tell Lucas and Sami everything - he doesn't want to screw this up. They have to do this. They need to ease them into it. Hopefully they will see this as a favor being done for them some day.

Lucas visits Sami and tells her from outside that he has a surprise. Sami frets and doesn't know how to tell Lucas about what happened - he will kill her if he finds out what happened. Sami finally lets him in and he holds up a bottle of champagne as EJ slips by him. What is he doing there, Lucas asks. Where is Austin - and is she marrying him? No, she says - she hasn't changed her mind. Lucas suspects she is hiding something. She says she messes everything up and now... she cries. Outside, Austin and Carrie wonder how they are going to do this. He says they should just go in, tell them, and leave. Lucas says he just wants Sami to tell him the truth and he can handle anything. She says Will is missing so naturally he flips out. This is of course when Austin and Carrie come in. The mechanical voice called her, she explains, and asked if she knew where her son was. Everyone panics but Austin says that probably a lot of teenagers (like Will) cut class the first day. Carrie and Austin agree that now is not the time to tell them. EJ comes back and he says that none of Will's friends knows anything. Lucas apologizes for yelling, he overreacts. Sami says she is so sorry - she has been hiding the notes for months. Months?!?! Lucas yells. This isn't the first time that Gloved Hand has called. (Only, she doesn't know that the caller has a gloved hand.) Lucas forces her to call her father.

Patrick has found some information on the footprints - only a few brands of shoes would have such footprints. Patrick tells Hope who has just come in that Bo has gone to the pub to meet some friends. She asks if there is something he can do for her. She says she was going to go to the ultrasound with him but where is he now? Perhaps he forgot about the appointment? He wouldn't have forgotten if it were his biological child. She wants Patrick to come with her. All he cares about, he says, is the baby. He offers to drive her to the hospital. Tek shows Patch the footprints and says the shoes have to be expensive.

At the hospital, Hope says this is probably Bo's way of saying goodbye. She takes like twenty sentences to say that it's like her saying goodbye to Zack as well. That daytime Emmy is coming your way. Patrick hugs her and Bo walks in, of course. A nurse tells Patrick and Hope, "The doctor is ready for you Mister and Mrs. Lockhart." Bo is crestfallen and turns on his heels. Hope yells for him but Patrick says that it is now time. Hope says she wants to be surprised about the gender. Bo looks in through the door and after being miserable about it decides to leave.

Patch tells Bo that Kate has been arrested. If Roman can prove Kate had the evidence stolen he will surely be off the hook. Bo goes into the office where Roman doesn't want to arrest Kate. He says he is going to find the toughest judge to preside over her trial. If only it were that easy. Roman says that the killer has the real disk and orders Kate to leave. The call comes in from Sami - Will is missing. At her apartmetn, he asks her about the notes and she says she destroyed some of them. How could she destroy evidence? He promises he will bring Will home, somehow - she cries in his arms.

Posted by Gordon on September 6, 2006 2:06 PM
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I counted -- John drank 44 cups of coffee over the course of this episode.

-- Posted by: mac at September 7, 2006 11:08 AM

wow...that's a lot of coffee! Thing he's gonna get a UTI? hehehe

-- Posted by: amanda at September 7, 2006 8:05 PM

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