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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lucas Finally Gets a Show!

Lucas is going bat nuts yet staying strong for both he and Sami. She can't help but worrying about what the kidnappers are doing. Lucas says he has to be okay. There is a knock at the door - it's EJ. He says that a television crew will come and film their plea for Will's return. Lucas leaves a message on Carrie's phone to call him back. EJ tells them there will be a certain toll free number to call after the segment airs and that Will's images will be on their web site. Sami calls Austin to tell him to call and Lucas says he thought they weren't going to call him. Something is odd that Austin and Carrie are not back, they agree. Lucas says he is going to find them. EJ offers Sami some of his nanny's tea and Sami blames herself for all of this happening.

Carrie tells Austin that surely they have hung over a thousand posters for help finding Will. He has told them that they're a part of his family. Austin reaches out to her and she withdraws and says they can't be together while Will is missing. Carrie says that she's not going back to Lucas but she can't leave him quite yet. Carrie says she should probably be getting home and sees that Lucas tried to call. Oh, and all of a sudden Lucas walks in to ask what is going on. Lucas explodes and Carrie explains that they were just passing out flyers. Lucas is sorry for the misunderstanding and they all go back to Sami's apartment. Lucas thanks Austin for staying with Sami as they go back to their place.

Philip enters the lab technician's office and demands to see the results of the DNA test. He says that it is confidential and if he shows the results he will lose his job. He yells at him to show him and he doesn't care about his job. Shawn comes in and tells him to show him and though he resists he convinces him - and tells Philip he won't like what he sees. The lab technician shows him the results and says that in any language numbers are the same and that there is a 99.999 extended infinitely chance that Shawn is the father. Philip flips out again and says it's not true and that he is the father. TWo police officers come in and say that they have to hand over Claire and he doesn't want to. They say if he doesn't cooperate they will turn Claire over to a child protection agencies and Philip asks if they will give Claire right back if he gives her to them - and they say yes. He gives Claire over and one of the policeman jumps him and puts him under arrest.

Belle comes to the police station and tells John about how Philip flipped out and left with Claire - and that Shawn is his father. John doesn't understand how it's possible and asks for details. Roman explains how the testing came to be. They are all concerned that Philip isn't in the best state of mind. Roman says he will tell his officers to be on the lookout for him. Officers soon come in with Philip leading Belle to wonder where Claire is and the officer with Philip says that she is with her father. Philip takes this really well. Just kidding - he freaks out again. Roman says that Philip will be free to go when he posts bail. Shawn thinks perhaps he and Mimi should take Claire home but of course Bonnie thinks that's a bad idea. Shawn tells Belle to take her but ultimately Shawn and Mimi are the ones to take Claire to Belle's place. Meanwhile John and Roman try to comfort Belle.

At Belle's, Shawn has already taken over things. Mimi complains that he's acting as though he's Claire's father which makes sense since he is. Philip and Belle come back and Belle tells Philip not to get crazy again. He promises he wont' do anything crazy but Claire is his baby and there is nothing Shawn can do about it legally.

Austin nearly goes to Carrie's but goes to the roof. Carrie also sneaks out and goes for the roof. EJ sees all this and goes knocking on Lucas' door. Carrie meets up with Austin on the roof and they make out and Lucas opens the door just in time to catch the show and we get a super crazy cloudy freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on September 22, 2006 8:13 PM
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