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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Life Throws Us A Curveball Out of the Blue

At the pub Lucas sees Billie. There are some problems with the Salem GP, apparently. Billie asks about Austin - he says that he and Sami might still work things out. Patch comes in, pours himself coffee, and says he's taking his coffee upstairs. He bemoans his life doing pretty much nothing. (Yucky! Black coffee. I make my own soy milk to put in coffee.) Hearing this, Billie invites him over and introduces him to Lucas. He says that Billie plays a great game of darts and was in fact looking for her - he's trying to get people together for the Colts-Giants game on Sunday.

Would Kayla mind, Billie asks. Why would she mind, he asks. They talk about how in a way they are related because Steve is Carrie's uncle. This is also a great who's who for people who are watching the show for the first time today. Steve asks about how Austin is doing. Whatever will be, will be, Billie says. As it turns out she once asked her mother (when she was once a little girl) what she would be. Lucas wonders if Billie thinks that Austin has feelings for Carrie. Enter Kate. She gets introduced to Patch - he says he sees where her daughter gets her good looks. Does he know her from before? The memory problem is explained. Kate tells him that both he and Billie worked in the ISA. Have they really never met? Not really - when she joined the ISA he was already thought dead. Stephanie gets brought up - she really is a lovely girl. Billie stopped working at the ISA when she and Bo found out that Chelsea was their daughter.

Reunited and it feels so good. Yes, only Steve doesn't remember the past and hates disappointing people. Enter John - Kate asks about his new girlfriend. Oh, yeah - the one that was murdered last night. Did they know her? Not really - only Kate knew her, somewhat. Perhaps it has something to do with the case she was working on. Kate takes off and leaves her purse. Billie asks John if he thinks that Kate is involved. After John leaves she asks Patch if he is somehow involved. Lucas sees Kate and asks if she is involved somehow - she rushed away awfully quickly and got tense when Eve's murder was mentioned. Life can change in the blink of an eye, she says. Billie says it seems that he has something to hide - does he? If he did, she would get it out sooner or later. John tells Roman on the phone that he thinks Kate is involved.

Austin says that they should try to work things out. He tells her that Sami told him that it was over forever - because of her. Sami knows that they love each other - it wasn't like they were trying to hide it so well. Surely Sami is devastated, Carrie says. He was ready to be a good husband but the love that he has is for Carrie, not Sami. All he wants is to spend the rest of his life with her - otherwise he'd rather be alone. He says if this was his last day on earth he would want to spend it with Carrie - does she feel the same way? The bottom line is, does she want to spend the rest of her life with him? Yes, she does - and they kiss. There's one problem they have that they can't fix. She can't have children. That doesn't change the way he feels. What about adoption? That is a possibility. They belong together, they decide.

Sami is desperate to find out who is writing of the notes and won't give up custody of Will. EJ decides he is going to call the police. He says it's the only way to get out of the problem. There is a knock at the door - panic. It turns out to be Marlena, who asks if something is going on between them. She hides the note behind her back. EJ was just there to have a shoulder to cry on. She says she gave him her blessing to be with Austin. Carrie is still married to Lucas, though. Lucas should be with a woman who truly loves him, she says. EJ is just her friend. Marlena tells them that she has had a wonderful offer for a job in New Jersey. We cut to a man talking on a phone, feet on desk - he says that they will take good care of Doctor Evans - as the caller instructed. Gloved Hand closes mobile phone. Sami can't believe she's moving to New Jersey. (Will she see Bruce Springstein?) It will only be a couple of months. EJ promises to take care of Sami and Marlena sends love to Will. As she leaves she thinks she sees someone walking away from the door but thinks it must be nothing. EJ goes to investigate. Sami brings out a wine bottle to smack the person with. The phone rings - mechanical voice! It says "It's time for school - do you know where your son is?" EJ takes the phone in time for the caller to hang up. No caller ID? Sami calls the school to check up on Will. Will didn't show up for school. If someone hurts him it will be all her fault - and we freeze frame on a despondant Sami.

Posted by Gordon on September 5, 2006 2:00 PM
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If Gloved Hand successfully dispatches Will, I'll recant all the bad things I said about him/her/it.

-- Posted by: mac at September 7, 2006 4:54 PM

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