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Days of Our Lives: Kayla Feels Like Giving Up on Patch

Kayla tells Bo that she thinks she may have scared Steve away at the raw food dinner and how he said he was giving up. He says he'll come with her to the pier. At a seedy bar, Bo tells Kayla that nobody he has talked to has seen Steve. Surely they will find him. Bo tells her not to give up. She says when she first met "Nick" he reminded her of how Steve used to be. Surely eventually he will remember her, Bo says. It will just take time, he says. They were together for 5 years and he has been apart for three times that. Bo says with all the wisdom of a sailor that a heart is like a compass that will eventually point him back in the right direction. Kayla thinks that perhaps he is really referring to himself and Hope - and he tells her about the ultrasound and the progress he is making with the stolen disc. He says the marriage isn't over by a long shot. Kayla offers to buy Bo a drink at everyone's favorite bar, the Cheatin' Heart.

Patch tells Billie he's glad to be with someone who is forward thinking and not living in the past. Perhaps they should go somewhere to get to know one another better? They enter a seedy bar just as Kayla and Bo leave and don't see each other, obviously. The bartender missed Billie. Billie says the song playing is one of her favorites. They discuss games they like to play and hit up the pinball machine, which Billie is awesome at, naturally. Billie says she caused bad trouble between Bo and Hope and how that is now out of her life - and kisses him to prove it? She suddenly pulls away and says it's not right - he is still married to Kayla and she won't come between them. They bicker on the matter and she finally agrees to a dance. Hooray, Bo and Kayla walk in just then! Kayla grills Steve and Billie and finally tells him that he is clearly not the man she used to know - and leaves. Bo tells Steve that if he hurts her again he will regret it - and he leaves as well. Steve says surely things aren't over between them. Outside, Bo tries to reassure Kayla that things aren't over between her and Steve.

Patrick suprises Hope on a private jet - he's taking her to New York for dinner. He called in a special favor and hence it is free. He whips out some cookies that he whipped up and she finds them to be good. They discuss baby names and he suggests Addie - Hope's mother's name. After about a bite of cookie she says she is going to put the cookies away but turbulence knocks her over onto him and so naturally she has to kiss him. Hope accuses him of planning the turbulence. Patrick suprises her with a lovely baby basket - she says surely it must have cost a lot of money - where did he get the money to pay for it all? Of course, he weirdly stares. He says that he had money stashed away for this. He says that he will always love her - no pressure, of course. He asks if she is still going through with the divorce hearing. There is a great connection between Bo and Hope, of course - Bo was with her in the hospital tending over Shawn. Despite this she can't help but think about how he tampered with the evidence. She does plan on going through with the divorce. No freeze frame again!

On an unrelated note that came to thought as I saw the previews - why can't everyone be as dedicated to the show as Frances Reid?

Posted by Gordon on September 13, 2006 7:52 PM
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I need a picture of the character Kayla .....How can I get my hair cut like hers if I don't have a pic?

-- Posted by: Monica Adams at October 16, 2006 4:45 PM

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