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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Jack and Jennifer's Goodbye Party

Kayla and Bo discuss the strange Jack-Jennifer-Frankie triangle. Bo says things aren't looking up so well for him - but at least the divorce did not go through. Bo tells her that when Steve's memory comes back things will go back to being as they were. He almost wishes Hope forgot some things. Frankie seems to be moving on pretty well. Kayla asks more about Hope and he says that she's just not ready to get back together. Kayla says she isn't going to the party and Bo thinks this is a mistake - she should stay in his face and fight for him like Bo is fighting for Hope. Kayla agrees to go.

Maggie and Hope help to get things ready for Jack and Jennifer's big farewell party. Hope is sad to have to say goodbye. She isn't feeling well so Maggie sets her up with ginger ale and crackers. She complains that things can't be the way they used to be with Bo. Patch arrives and, despite having no discernable income, gives Jack a pipe as a going away present. Jennifer is grateful to Maggie for agreeing to look after Abby. She then tells Hope that things should work out as they are meant to and gives her and Jack as an example. When Hope says she is going to come and visit Jennifer says she should bring Bo with her.

Bo and Kayla come ringing the doorbell only to be greeted by Patch. Looong stare... and he tells Kayla he didn't know she would be there. There are many exchanges of hints of character improvement, like Alice telling Bo that it is nice to see him and then getting Hope to chime in as well and Kayla not so subtly saying that women like dependable men while looking at Steve. Stephanie, incidentally, is in St. Louis racing. Jack gets a nice London driving guide and says he is through with dying until it's time for the real deal which won't be for awhile because he promised to dance at Abby's wedding. He gives a heart warming Lou Gehrig referencing farewell speech and mentions that fate caused him to bring Steve back to Salem with him - and then he tells Steve that it is his turn. Bo tells Hope she should look at her heart for guidance on this matter. Jack and Jennifer say they have to go now but first Jack has to get in a practice dance with Abby, sans music of course.

Mimi tells Shawn that she thought everything happening to her was just a bad dream. Shawn couldn't even sleep but now he has to tell Belle and Philip that Claire is his daughter. Shawn says it is strange that they never figured out that Claire was his daughter. They agree to go over there together.

Belle wants to know why Claire can't say 'mama.' Philip says that Claire will always be daddy's girl. He suggests that they take a professional portrait before Belle starts showing - they don't want 'that' baby to take the limelight off of Claire. The doorbell rings and it's Shawn and Mimi - and Belle asks what is wrong. Shawn explains that a DNA test was done on him and the report showed that he is, in fact, Claire's father. He even had the lab run the test again. They must have been together the night of the fire. Philip weirdly starts whispering 'It's okay, baby' in Claire's ear. He suddenly flips out and says that he is checking out the information for himself. Belle tries to seperate them but Philip manages his way around and gives Shawn a good chock on the chin and then grabs Claire and flees the scene. We freeze frame on a not doing so well Belle. The only way this could have been topped off would have been had it taken after Shakespeare's Winter Tale - Exeunt, pursued by a bear

--Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 21, 2006 2:43 PM
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I love this daytime serial

-- Posted by: Honey at September 25, 2006 5:49 AM

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