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Days of Our Lives: Jack and Jennifer are found!

Shawn calls to ask about the DNA results. Nothing yet, but Bo gets on the line to tell him that they have made an arrest in the Eve Michaels case and it's not going to make Mimi happy. He explains how he got the tip, the search warrent, and then found the evidence at Lockhart's house. Shawn asks if Hope is okay. She is with him, Bo says. Shawn says he has to find Mimi. Hope seems reluctant to believe that Patrick is guilty of anything. Bo points out that his fingerprints aren't on the disc at all. With rubber gloves he puts the disc in a portable DVD player and she watches and then apologizes to him.

Bo is sorry about everything, particularly letting Chelsea drive that fateful night. Hope finally admits that Bo didn't steal the disc or send the horrible e-mails. Bo says in all this time he has never stopped loving her - and she says she has never stopped loving him. Hope explains Billie's statement in court and that she just doesn't know anything anymore. Bo says he would do anything to have Zack back but them being apart just makes it worse. Hope says that she's not ready to be back with him and he says she should let him know when she is ready and leaves. Hope comes by Zack's grave to ask for advice. The grave, predictably, does not answer. Meanwhile, Bo looks at a super happy photo in his wallet - a happy family.

At the hospital, Bonnie and Mimi discuss the DNA test. Bonnie has figured out the lab where the test is being done and she thinks they can fix things before the results are posted. Mimi objects but Bonnie objects even more. Bonnie says if Mimi won't help then she will just do it herself - but would she please distract the lab technician? Mimi finally agrees and talks up the lab technician. Meanwhile, Shawn arrives at the hospital and asks about where Mimi is and the nurse gives vague directions. Bonnie starts typing something on a keyboard in the lab. Mimi goes on and on with the technician and just as he puts his hand and her shoulder Shawn sees them and yells at him to get his hands off - and of course Bonnie hides.

The technician goes and calls about the DNA test while Shawn asks Mimi why she was there. She says she was looking for Bonnie. Curious, he says, because the nurse said they were together. Mimi says that they were together but Bonnie was called away and then the technician hit on her. This is when he decides to tell her that her brother was arrested. Mimi says that surely things cannot be as they seem as Bo and Patrick aren't best friends. Bonnie's phone rings and the technician finds her but she confuses him and leaves. It is Mimi - she tells her that she's not sure if the changes went through. Mimi says that Patrick needs them.

Jack and Jennifer seem pretty happy - in their cave of love. Jennifer apparently missed being close to him like this. They should never be apart again. They speak sweet nothings to one another and then Jack says that as soon as they get back things will be back to how they were and he still could be dying. Jennifer says she knows that he's not dying. Jack jokes about her having psychic powers. Jack says something about having faith and suddenly falls over, perhaps in pain. Jennifer cries and tells him that she will never forgive him if he dies. The good news is that they are discovered by a search team. Jennifer tells Jack everything will be okay and tells the team to hurry up - and we freeze frame on Jennifer.

Posted by Gordon on September 19, 2006 2:24 PM
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