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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Eat Lead, Slackers!

Frankie is looking for his parents in the pub of all places. Abby tells him they went to mass. He says that he can't find her parents either - they didn't come home the previous evening. Abby is pleased. She thinks they went to a hotel or something. Frankie is worried about them. Unless they are missing for 24 hours there is nothing the police can do, unfortunately. Abby says she will go and wait at the police station and thanks Frankie for caring about her mother.

In the courtroom, Alice and Maggie tell Hope that they are there to stop the divorce from happening. Surely Hope doesn't think that Bo stole the evidence disc, Alice says. He hasn't proven that he didn't steal the evidence. (One may say he has no evidence that he didn't steal the evidence.) Hope runs out and Maggie goes and tells her that running away is not going to make her feel better about losing Zack and that when she comes out of this sadness she will need Bo. No, Hope says, she can't be married to him if she can't trust him.

Patrick walks in and seconds that. Hope is excited that he came. Of course he came, says Alice - he came to ensure that Hope would not change her mind. Patrick tells Alice that he wants to take care of Hope. Maggie tells him that she can take care of herself and Alice adds that Bo will always be family. Frankie pulls Hope aside and asks her if she is sure about this. She doesn't have to decide today - he has a call, of course. It's Bo asking about Jack and Jennifer. When he tells Hope that Bo is at the station she says surely the marriage is over.

Bo is all kerfluffled over the lack of disc and what it means for his marriage. He won't go near the courtroom until he finds the disc. They find Eve's bank statements in a box and have them sent to the IT department. Patrick enters the police station and immediately gets told off by Bo, who doesn't want to see him there. Patrick ridicules him and asks if Bo is worried that he is going to take his job and Bo nearly clobbers him but Abe seperates them.

Patrick says he is going to see Hope at the courthouse. Bo tells Abe that the IT department is doing a computer search on the number on Eve's bank statements. Sadly, the IT department doesn't manage to match the numbers to any bank in the thirty seconds they spend trying. Abe tells Bo to go and save his marriage but Abby comes in and says that her parents are missing. They ask her questions about the disappearance. A little later, Abe says that he has talked to the editor of the Spectator and that Jack and Jennifer went to meet with a lead on the Eve Michaels case.

Jack and Jennifer are tied together like Indiana Jones and his father. They can't quite work out exactly where they are and why the Deep Throat is doing this to them. They surely love to bicker because they do it a lot - and have flashbacks of the old days of bickering. Jack wonders if she would rather be with Frankie. Surely she loves him. Isn't that what he wanted, she asks. In the time they are bickering he has managed to loosen the ropes and they agree they should get to the police station if possible. They come across a cabin.

Meanwhile, they continue to bicker and Jennifer says she should be home with a husband she can count on - Frankie. They also determine this is probably the same cabin that they had Abby in. Jennifer knocks on the door. Is she avoiding his question? She says she is happy to have two wonderful men in her life. A shotgun greets them at the door with a less than pleasant question "Who the hell are you?" They try to explain that they are reporters but she will hear none of it. Freeze frame on Jack and Jennifer tripping over themselves trying to get away from weird shotgun woman.

Posted by Gordon on September 14, 2006 2:20 PM
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