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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Daniel Patrick Trant Special

Today's Fodder is brought to you in honor of Daniel Patrick Trant.

Chelsea gives her written statement. She left the file, yes, but she just wanted to give Shawn the truth. Bo asks for a minute alone and Frankie says he can't allow it, so Bo asks again but with teeth gritted. He suddenly allows it. Bo tells Chelsea she will pay for what she did this time. She says she can't make up for killing Zack but she wants to be part of the family. Chelsea says that surely there is a possibility that Shawn is Claire's father. Only a DNA test will tell the truth. Billie gives Frankie a hard time for leaving Chelsea alone with Bo. Chelsea challenges him to test their paternity and it will prove she is innocent. Bo makes a call and then tells Chelsea that Shawn is on the way. Billie is there to see Chelsea and so Bo gives them some alone time. Chelsea says she didn't do it and Billie must believe her. She does - and neither her nor Bo hate her. This was the good deed she was talking about - she overheard the nurses talking about how Shawn may die and thought the file would give him hope. Not only did things go badly with Shawn but Max broke up with her. Billie predicts something good will come of this.

Outside, Bo tells Shawn that he will call him with the results. Frankie asks to be called as well. Shawn asks if he is that hard up for money and he says he just is trying to be the lawyer that he is and that people are innocent until proven guilty. Bo wants to talk about Shawn and the Belle situation. Shawn says he is not going to be a hands-off dad. Great, says Bo, so long as he is hands off of Belle. Bo calls in an escort for the DNA sample (had they had escorts for the petri dishes none of this would have happened!) and Shawn takes off with the assurance he will get a call as soon as they know.

"There are some styles that never seem to go away" Maggie says to Bonnie. Mimi and Shawn are treating Bonnie to dinner. Mimi thinks it's to do with what happened with Mickey many moons ago (more than a week ago, in other words.) Shawn tells them about how Bo brought in Chelsea for questioning about Claire's file and Mimi says she can't believe Chelsea would think they would fall for it - they all know it couldn't be true. So much for promises made to a "higher authority." Bonnie can't pronounce the names of dishes but can sure eat them right up. Shawn says Chelsea said she was doing them a favour. Bonnie nearly chokes on her food. Claire looks like Philip, she says. Maggie puts in her two pence. "She doesn't resemble Belle in the least, so I guess she's her daddy's daughter." Shawn gets a phone call from Bo to come in for a DNA test. After some protests he agrees to come in. (The gentleman doth not protest too much.) After he leaves Mimi says the truth is going to come out now - where will it leave her? She thinks she has a lifetime of loneliness to look forward to. Mimi jokes about switching the DNA results but Bonnie takes her a little too seriously. Mimi tells her to stay out of it - it would be better to just tell him the truth. Okay, says Bonnie - which makes Mimi suspicious that something is up. Shawn returns and Bonnie asks what lab he said the DNA sample went to - that's right, he didn't say. She fakes a headache and leaves them to dessert. Mimi asks when the results will be in and he says it doesn't even matter since he can't be Claire's father.

Jack says it's absurd to just take their list to Roman and point out a name. They need more evidence and to do so they need to contact the person they spoke to in the warehouse. Jack pays for some more information with his wristwatch. They propose checkers to pass the time until they get some information. Their bickering drives Sal up the wall so he asks them to kindly leave and promises he will call when he finds out anything. At the newsroom Jennifer reminds Jack that a watched phone never rings. After they crack this case Jack wants to write a book about Sal. Jennifer asks what if he is not in remission and Jack says they should appreciate the moment. He starts reading his article and it doesn't seem to contain mentions of Jennifer. She disapproves - and the phone rings. It is Deep Throat wanting to meet right then. They sneak into the warehouse and they argue over their roles, only a scream pushes itself into this otherwise lovely moment. Jack wanders around talking to himself. He would appreciate any information. Bags are suddenly thrown over his and Jennifer's heads.

Posted by Gordon on September 11, 2006 2:13 PM
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