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Days of Our Lives: Breaking Up is Easy To Do

Roman happens to run into Marlena in the hospital. Though Sami not getting married was pretty bad, Eve getting killed in the parking lot was a bit worse. They are working on figuring out who did it. He suggests she be careful. Could it be a serial killer, she asks. Everyone at the wedding should be super careful, he says. Meanwhile, the Gloved Hand slips a letter from the "Office of Health and Human Affairs" in Trenton, New Jersey into Marlena's mail. I put it in quotation marks because a Google search for the name of the office and Trenton New Jersey brings up nothing. Funny how the University hospital is located in Salem, USA. Carrie swings by to ask how she is doing. Is this really about her and Austin, she asks. Carrie feels sorry for Austin, really. Marlena asks if she put aside her feelings for Austin. She eventually tells Marlena about the DNA problem and how she now can't have children at all. What was she thinking marrying Lucas? She insinuates it is not over between her and Austin. She loves Lucas but she pines for Austin. It's a subconscious thing, Marlena says. Perhaps Sami walking away from Austin is a sign from G-d? It's dangerous to interpret other people's actions as such a thing, and is a very slippery slope, says Marlena. Soon Marlena is sorting through her mail, and comes across the Gloved Hand letter. Roman comes back to ask why she looks so shocked at the letter. It's from the entirely fictional Health and Human Affairs commissioner who wants her to set up a women's empowerment group - maybe it could take a month and a half. She's not sure if she can do it but Roman encourages her to take on the job.

Sami and EJ are intimate and he promises to be there for her. Outside, Lucas and Austin are talking about what Lexie said - surely what she said was not true. Lucas suggests he talks to Sami. He goes for the door but then says he doesn't want to pressure her. Sami hears something at the door and says perhaps it is the note leaver. EJ runs to the door and opens it only to find Austin. Why was EJ in the flat with his shirt off? (He must have seen everyone doing it and assumed it was normal.) The note is pretty visible. She fake cleans the flat and stuffs the note under some clothing. EJ says he was just getting ready to jump in the shower when he heard Sami screaming so he put on some trousers and came over to investigate. Lucas suspects that EJ is putting the moves on Sami and she responds by saying he should mind his own business and that he is not her fiancé. Austin tells Sami they need to talk. Sure, but they're hands down not getting married, she says. Lucas tries to prod EJ's relationship with Sami. They are just friends, he flatly states. Lucas says he doesn't trust him at all. Perhaps he can gain his trust by staying away from Sami. EJ says he is being jealous. He isn't jealous, he says. He's happily married - in fact, his wife walks up just then. Lucas asks Lucas to tell EJ just how happy they are. If this was a japanese cartoon a giant sweatdrop would appear on her brow. Lucas tells EJ that he and Carrie are happy and he needs to go discuss the Salem Grand Prix with Shawn and Max. As Carrie starts to leave EJ points out that she didn't say how happy she is in her marriage.

Austin says he just wants to know what changed her mind. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Sami asks for some water and as Austin goes for it she pushes the note down in the couch. In the kitchen Austin notices some food and asks who made it. She tries to talk her way out of it but admits it was EJ. He accuses EJ of being more than interested in being friends. Sami says she isn't in love with EJ - it is because of Carrie that she can't marry him - and then clarifies that she believes that he and Carrie are in love. She absolutely can't be second choice. Nobody wants to be a 'second class citizen' as it were. If it's okay she still wants to be friends - he is okay with that. In the hall, he runs into Carrie and EJ and says that things went much better than expected and that he and Carrie need to talk alone. EJ goes back into Sami's flat - she tells him what she said and EJ tells her it was brave of her. Now what can they do about this demand that she give up her son?

On the roof, Austin tells Carrie that they love each other and it is time they got back together as they should be - and we freeze frame on Carrie.

Posted by Gordon on September 4, 2006 2:25 PM
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