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Days of Our Lives: Abe Gets An Acting Award From Tek

Roman is on the phone with the commissioner in New Jersey. He will get ahold of the police in Trenton and they will surely find Marlena. When he gets off the phone he tells Carrie that Marlena didn't show up and she could be in trouble. Presumably after a number of phone calls Roman tells Carrie how the police traced Marlena's steps. Carrie says she wishes that Marlena had just stayed home. He calls John and tells him to come over right away.

At Sami's apartment, the cameraman is pushed to point the camera towards the happy reunion. Everyone smothers Will with love and lots of questions and he doesn't even get in a word for a couple of minutes. EJ says that it's good that their first broadcast (exclusive, yet) could become huge news. Will asks why the tv crew was there and they explain they were appealing to his kidnapper. Will says that he wasn't kidnapped, he ran away. Sami can't believe he did this but he points out that Sami is an expert on running away. Will says that he was so embarassed with what happened at the wedding that he couldn't face going to school so he took some birthday money and went on a bus to Chicago. Everyone is just glad to have him back. Kate asks the question of the year - how did electronic voice know to call Sami about Will disappearing? Sami says they should have the place swept for bugs and Will suggests perhaps she is overreacting. Bo arrives and Sami tells him that Will was not kidnapped. Sami asks about Lexie and Bo says they're checking every lead.

Sami suddenly realizes that just as Patrick killed Eve (allegedly) he could have killed Will. (It may have even been made into a two volume movie titled Kill Will.) Sami tells Will he is never leaving the apartment again and he reminds her that he was not kidnapped. Will aparently ran out of money the day beforehand and is eating everything in front of him, even his mother's cooking. Sami asks if the police interrogated him and he says that he told the police a cock and bull story about being a gifted university student. Sami explains why she ran away when she was pregnant with him and says he is the only thing in her life she is proud of. She just wants to explain what happened at the wedding and why it happened. Will is angry with Sami because she had convinced everyone that she had changed and suddenly she changed. He was starting to feel part of two real families - since Lucas married his Aunt Carrie. Er.. Will.... Lucas tells him that he and Carrie are split up and Will just can't take it. He says he knows 9th grade kids who stay together longer. They both agree he needs to be grounded and Lucas says he wants to move back in to help with the parenting if it is okay with Sami. There is no room, she protests - well, they will work something out.

At Dune, Austin, Kate and EJ discuss the news briefing - Kate says they were number one in the ratings. EJ says that the Salem GP is coming up. Carrie comes in and offers congratulations on the coverage and Kate says that she is glad she and Austin are together. Everyone of course is worried about Will - what will he do when he finds out about Austin and Carrie. Kate says surely he will play matchmaker and Austin thinks it could be a good thing. Aside, Austin thinks that everything will surely work out in the end. Carrie tells him about Marlena disappearing and Austin says it will be okay since Will turned up in the end. EJ tells Kate that perhaps they can help get Lucas out of Sami's system, so to speak.

Abe, Theo, and Lexie walk into a restaurant and Theo runs up to John and jumps into his arms. John asks how they are doing and Lexie says they are doing great. John looks through some collectible sports cards that Abe got for Theo and is impressed that he has a Kobe Bryant rookie card. They have big plans for the day including mac & cheese now. Lexie says she is so happy to be with him - and what a coincidence, the song they danced to at their first anniversary is now playing. They kiss and little Theo tells them to do it again and again. What a cutie. Tek comes in and tells them the good news about Will. When Lexie and Theo go to use the toilet Tek congratulates him on his great acting. Tek says Lexie is not involved in any of this and the only thing she is guilty of is loving him. Theo and Lexie come back and Theo tells Tek that they're going to the museum to see the dinosaurs. Tek curiously tells them to have fun and to be careful. Loooong stare from Abe on that one.

At the police station, Tek and some other officers are watching the broadcast at Sami's apartment and are quite happy when they see Will walk in. Bo comes in and is thrilled to see that Will is back. The power of the media is incredible, they agree. They all congratulate Bo, who wonders if perhaps Patrick's getting arrested allowed Will to escape. Tek tells Bo that perhaps someone set Patrick up but Bo basically says nothing doing. He shouldn't take anything Patrick says seriously. Surely noone could have manufactured all of the evidence against him. Bo says he is going to go ask Will about how he escaped. He runs into John who says he is happy that Bo found the missing disc. Bo speculates that Lockhart applied to the academy to be the "big boss' inside man" - and by Big Boss he means Tony DiMera.

John goes into Roman's office where Roman tells him that Marlena is missing. Could it be that she disappeared on her own free will? No pun intended there. Carrie says she is really worried because the work was so important to her. Roman suggests that John go to New Jersey. On the plus side, Will is back. Bo thinks perhaps it was Alex North. John says it would more likely be Tony DiMera but Roman says the prison said he was still there. John's flight is confirmed and then a call comes in to Roman - a bloodstain was found in Marlena's hotel room. Roman says that while John is getting to the airport he will talk to Patrick. He vows to break him, as it were. John tells Roman that he will bring Marlena back safely. He neglects to tell him that The Hogan Family is now playing on ABC Family and so his twin will be on television soon - a younger twin version of him, of course.

Posted by Gordon on September 27, 2006 5:51 PM
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