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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: A Blue Eyed Shawn Brady??

Chelsea is flipping through some files at the hospital. She sees the nurses chatting and wonders what they are talking about - they say they have a celebrity! Of course they mean Max and then they make her really happy by referring to Stephanie as his girlfriend.

Max tells the doctor that a broken toe must be as painful as childbirth. The doctor warns him not to say this in front of a woman again. Stephanie is there and says it's because she beat him in a time trial and he kicked his car. They quibble. He tells her not to tell anyone how he broke his toe and to keep it a secret and of course Chelsea had overheard and comes in and says that the secret is now out. Max explains that he just stubbed his toe. Stephanie says it will hopefully be better in time for the Grand Prix - will Chelsea be there? Chelsea asks if she has a reason to be there. Max tells her to come if she is a racing fan. She takes Max aside and says that she wants to tell him something about finding Claire's file and he has no interest in hearing.

Back at the garage, Stephanie helps ice Max' toe. He needs to be healed so she can fairly beat him. He has an idea and tells her to follow him. Chelsea comes into the office looking for Max. She starts fiddling with a car and Frankie comes in and asks what she is doing. Max is in a steam room (or sauna) and discuss the perks of the job - and he sees something on her face and moves closer to her. Chelsea said she heard an odd hissing sound and was investigating the source. She explains the toe stubbing and how she tried to explain that she was innocent of the file tampering. Back in the steam room Stephanie asks why he is staring at her and he says it's too bad she has to wear a helmet because it covers up her beautiful face and lovely hair and yes, they do kiss. Good couple.

Bo orders a cup of decaf for Hope and tells her that nothing has progressed in searching for Marlena. He breaks the news of Shawn being Claire's father. Hope is impressed that for once, Chelsea was trying to do the right thing. After everything that happened to them with JT you can imagine how they feel about the Claire situation. Hope is hopeful that Shawn will take what Philip will be going through into consideration. They can't believe that they're going to have two grandchildren. Wasn't it just yesterday that they were sailing around the world, or at least getting ready to do so? We flash back to Patch and Kayla wishing them bon voyage. Hope can't believe he talked her into going.

Victor asks Philip how Max is doing. I just now for the first time noticed Jennifer Aniston facial similarities to her father when he makes certain expressions. In more personal news, Victor tells Philip he can't afford to go out crashing cars - it's not good for the company. He wonders how Philip ended up in jail and he said that he got into a bar fight. Victor goes to see the baby and when Belle asks why he lied and he says that he is still Claire's father and he doesn't want his father to know what is going on. A knock at the door and it's a guy in a suit - and look at that, papers representing a lawsuit requesting custody of Claire. Philip begs his father not to refer to Shawn as the father. Victor felt the same way about Bo and Philip asks for his help. Bo and Hope come ringing their bell and Bo asks how Philip is doing. Victor tells them about the lawsuit but Philip asks for no pity - Shawn will be suffering at the end of this. Philip gives the lawsuit a good throw. Victor has to go for an apointment and Philip walks out. As Belle picks up baby Claire and Hope notices that she has Shawn's eyes. Belle apologizes for the whole mess and thanks Bo for being there. Bo tells her that he has something he needs to tell her and it isn't going to be easy.

Introducing the New Shawn Brady - played by Brandon Beemer. Shawn tells Frankie he is going to need his legal expertise. He wants to be declaired Claire's legal father. They have to put up a hell of a fight, he says. Frankie asks if he has discussed any of this with Philip and Shawn says there is noone to talk to there, as it were.

Bonnie comes by with bags and bags of stuff. She says it's to save Mimi's marriage - oh, it's a delightful collection of lingerie including edible underwear. Mimi says it's okay and their life together is wonderful. Bonnie shows her a lovely maid's outfit and says it can't be returned because it comes from her own collection. She also gives Mimi a brochure for a townhouse - they should be able to afford it after the Grand Prix and they need to get away from Belle and Philip. Shawn comes in and tells them that he's suing for custody of Claire. Not sole custody - half custody. The new Shawn seems to wear dog tags. I never noticed them on Shawn before. They probably should have discussed it first, Mimi says and he counters that there was nothing to discuss.

Shawn says he is going to measure the nursery - he wants to build a dollhouse for Claire. Wasn't the room going to be for their baby? Will he build a dollhouse for their baby? Not if it's a boy, he says. He assures her there is nothing to worry about. She needs convincing of this strong bond they have together so he decides to show her through intimate gestures.

Bo tells Belle that all they know is that her mother is missing, and that her father is investigating it - he will bring her mother home. Belle hunches over in pain - this looks awfully familiar.

Posted by Gordon on September 28, 2006 2:16 PM
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