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Days of Our Lives: Will Someone Kiss Their Own Spouse For Once??

Mimi is babysitting Claire - and Bonnie stops by for a visit. Apparently Patrick had called her and was wondering what was going on. She says leaving Shawn with Belle is a mistake. After arguing Mimi tells Bonnie she isn't listening to her ever again. Mimi has a look at the computer and is shocked by what she sees. Bonnie is similarly surprised. It's a journal by Belle saying that she thinks she and Shawn are meant to be together and she loves him more than ever. What is she going to do now, asks Bonnie. What would Philip do, for that matter, if he were to read this? Mimi is incredibly upset that Belle sees the pregnancy as a sign that she is to be with Shawn. Bonnie thinks this is the best thing that could have happened. She hopes it will motivate Mimi. Mimi motivates herself to call the hospital and ask what's going on - and the nurse says that Belle and her husband are waiting for test results. Mimi says she is glad that Philip is there. The nurse says she thought her husband's name was Shawn - they must have been married because of the way they were kissing. Mimi hangs up and cries to Bonnie of what just happened. She tells her that she is going to make Bonnie proud.

Belle isn't feeling well and she just wants Shawn to be there. The cramps aren't that bad anymore, Belle says. The doctor tells Belle she needs to stay calm. Shawn says she needs to take it easy and think good thoughts. She says she is thinking about what a good dad he will be. He wants to call Mimi but she says he shouldn't wake the baby. She says not to even call Philip because she doesn't want him to know she's there. Belle thinks Philip doesn't care about her at all and particularly not the baby - he'd pray for a miscarriage. She thinks the baby is a sign they are to be together. He thinks that it's too late for them and sees the baby as a wonderful gift - and he prays she won't lose the baby. She asks him to promise to always be there for them - and he promises. They kiss - and the nurse sees them and leaves. Belle says the have to tell Mimi and Philip - they have never stopped loving each other. They kiss some more.

Sami has a lovely dream that Austin transforms into Lucas while in the heat of intimacy - and she is pleased. Lucas has a similar dream. Lucas dreams about each of them telling each other that they should be together and it was a mistake to marry Carrie. Lucas says he isn't going to fight getting back with Sami and he loves her so much. He shouldn't have let his mother come between them. She calls him his one true love. Nice dream, Lucas. They both wake up and can't believe they are dreaming of each other. Lucas asks the pillow why he is dreaming about Sami. The pillow fluffens itself in response. We have a split screen of them having trouble sleeping. They go to the living room where Sami quickly puts on her robe. Lucas wants to know if she was having trouble sleeping - indeed it is hot, they agree. They come up with excuses why they are each out of breath and Lucas finds it odd that Sami is heating up milk on a hot night. Obviously it's good for sleeping. He sees she still has the magnet from Magnet Lake - they had a great time there. It was hot here as well - and we flashback to declarations of love on a beach. Sami is sorry things didn't work out but at least Will got to have a good memory of them. They nearly kiss thinking such happy thoughts. Lucas knocks on the bathroom door and wonders where Carrie is. Sami notices that Austin is nowhere to be found either - ever since he went up to the roof. They suddenly come to the same conclusion and go for the stairs.

On the roof, we are reminded of yesterday's episode's kiss. After she takes off her robe Carrie oddly reminds Austin that he just gave her a ring. He tells her that they were meant to be together. Yes, he is engaged and she is married but he insists they belong together. He doesn't understand why she married Lucas in the first place. He only chose Sami because she chose Lucas - and why did she do that? She says it's not important, and refuses to tell her. Carrie is just, well, upset about the baby problem. He says there are other ways of having children and she shouldn't have chosen Lucas - they belong together. Carrie asks him to make love to her - so Austin puts out a blanket and smiles. As Sam would say at the end of every episode of Quantum Leap - "Oh boy..." Freeze frame on the wacky scene.

Posted by Gordon on August 3, 2006 2:41 PM
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