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Days of Our Lives: Who is Taking Advantage of Whom?

Stephanie looks in as Max has a special dinner prepared for Chelsea. She says that she shouldn't have listened to the advice she read in the magazine. Oh, if only she hadn't listened to silly magazine articles written by weird guys. She accuses him of playing games as well - he hangs out with Stephanie. No, he says, he is just trying to fix the car. She admits what she did in the garage was immature. He suggests they just move on. Chelsea wants a relationship - something Max is happy to hear. Stephanie is too - she walks on in and tells them that along with saying this clearly is going to be to her advantage on the racetrack. Max and Stephanie debate over who is the best racer - and Chelsea says that Max will win every time. Stephanie leaves and bumps into Abby outside. At least one of them is happy tonight - Abby, about the experimental drug working its wonders. They discuss Frankie and how his marriage to Jennifer is basically null. Abby goes in to congratulate the happyy couple and tell them the happy news. Max says a celebration is in order - and Abby says they should invite Stephanie. You can guess who isn't happy to hear this. Chelsea lies and says that she is glad that Max invited Abby and Stephanie to join them. Max pulls Stephanie aside and says again that he's sorry about the locker incident but Stephanie is more upset about the ruined lipstick. Stephanie offers to help at the garage and they both think they're taking advantage of the other. Chelsea still thinks Stephanie is after Max.

Steamy Shawn / Belle kiss at the hospital. They both don't want to deny the way they feel. Mimi finds her way into the hospital. Belle tells Shawn that she hasn't moved on and she has never stopped loving him. She gave her marriage the old college try but she always pined for Shawn. Clearly it was fate they are going to be with child together and she knows Shawn wants him. He goes in for another kiss. Mimi asks for directions and guess who gets to witness her husband kissing another woman? The winner of this game is Mimi, only it's not a prize I'd wish on anyone. Do you know that Eddie Murphy routine where he talks about how if you pleasure a woman well enough she will forgive any cheating even if it is right in her face? Shawn must think he's one of those guys as he says nothing was going on. Belle is feeling much better so she says Mimi can go home if she wants to. Mimi thinks she is trying to get rid of her when Doctor Ross comes in with the test results. Belle of course immediately worries about the baby. Don't worry, the baby is fine. Doctor Ross says she needs extra iron and will write her a prescription. Mimi says Belle should call Philip with the good news. A nurse comes in and oddly tells them that Belle's husband's tender loving care did the trick. Mimi asks if Philip is there and the nurse turns to Shawn and says she thought his name was Shawn. Mimi naturally asks about this kissing. Oh, the tension. Shawn once more says he can explain. Mimi says she saw the kissing - and can they finally be honest about everything?

More intimacy on the rooftop of the building as Carrie and Austin go for it. Voyeur EJ has a great look at this interesting view. At least for this summer you can get some nice desktop wallpapers featuring most of the younger guys on Days including EJ on NBC Daytime's Myspace Page. Lucas nearly kisses Sami. He wants to know what is holding up Carrie so he knocks on the door - and looking inside sees noone is there. They both realize she must be on the roof but on their way up run into EJ and he says they are too late - uh oh! No, he just meant they're done cleaning up on the rooftop, and they weren't together. Austin was down by the - ready for this? - rubbish bins. Sami and Lucas want to go up but EJ tells them to wait. Austin, meanwhile, promises to never leave Carrie. What else do you tell someone after having sex? EJ meanwhile continues his stall tactics - and starts wondering if he had interrupted something between them. Of course he hadn't, they poorly try to reassure him. Sami wonders why Lucas cares so much, anyhow - well, it's all about Will. Surely she thinks something is going on up there. She says she is just insecure though EJ tells her she has nothing to worry about. Lucas says that she has caused so many problems by being insecure and then doing things to mess things up. EJ says that Sami should break the cycle of doing things like this. Lucas asks if he is sick of all this and EJ poo poos this, saying the Royal Family has plenty of drama. Does EJ ever wear anything in between a bath towel and a full business suit?

As Lucas goes to find Carrie EJ asks why she is bothering to fight for Austin when clearly she wants Lucas in reality. She yells that she is really in love with Austin and always will be - has he somehow found out? Surely not, says EJ - but he is here if she needs anything. (In case she has forgotten since the last time he has told her.) Upstairs, Carrie and Austin continue Snogfest 2006 and Austin says he was worried he would have to settle for less than her. Carrie says she has dreamt of this often. Suddenly she realizes what they are doing will affect Lucas and Sami. Eh, they decide, and continue the festival - and the rooftop door opens once more. Austin tells Carrie that they can make things better now. Carrie is worried that she has somehow ruined everything - and EJ, who was clearly faster than Lucas, comes out and tells them to kindly please be more careful in the future. Austin accuses him of spying on them. EJ tells them perhaps but at least it wasn't Lucas and Sami - and they were on their way up. Carrie reaches many levels of upset, wondering what would have happened. Austin thinks it would have been better had they been found out - and they should be honest with Lucas and Sami. EJ tells them to think again - it would really hurt both of them. Carrie agrees and says they don't want to hurt either Sami or Lucas - yet Austin disagrees. EJ the king of 'decision now' says they need to choose to do something now and both Austin and Carrie don't want to lie yet break it to them gently. EJ comes up with an idea. He thinks they should go downstairs - everything will surely come out soon - and he doesn't envy any of them.

Lucas can't seem to find Carrie and Sami can't seem to find Austin. Lucas surprises her by telling her that he loves her. He almost feels bad things didn't work out between them. She really has matured and had he known about this newfound mature Sami things would have been different. She says she is a fraud. Though she always said she has changed she says she is the same manipulative person she always has been. Lucas says he has everything she could want but Sami says it won't last - Austin will surely leave on her wedding day. Guess who comes in to listen? Austin and Carrie. They hear as she says she knows Austin must have feelings for Carrie though Lucas says he and Carrie are good for life. EJ also listens in and says "This won't end well." He's one perceptive Brit. Freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on August 4, 2006 2:06 PM
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Where is GH? On vacation?

Anyone else miss John and Marlena? When are they coming back?

I hate that NewBelle is going to do this to Mimi. I really wish she could just catch a break now and then!

-- Posted by: amanda at August 8, 2006 11:21 AM

i love the new belle she is awesoe her and shawn make a hot couple.they ROCK!!

-- Posted by: manisha at August 30, 2006 1:40 AM

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