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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: What to Do, What to Do?

Billie tells Bo she can't believe he's totally cutting Chelsea out of his life. If only she would want to learn from her mistakes - but she clearly does not want to. People change, Billie says, and Chelsea obviously does things out of desperation. Nevertheless, insists Bo, Chelsea is the reason that Hope is having Patrick's child. He is finished with her. Bo gets a phone call - it's Hope with the news about Shawn. "Pray that he makes it through this," he tells Billie. Little Chelsea sneaks around the house and Billie tells her Bo isn't there now - he's en route to the hospital where Shawn lays unrepsonsive. Chelsea says she will go because she has to be there.

Chelsea sees Belle coming out of the toilet and tells her she wants to talk with her - alas, Belle is too busy because she has to go and find Shawn and Philip. She explains the mixup with the eggs. Perhaps Belle is with the wrong partner, Chelsea suggests. Belle is hoping for a miracle that will make everything okay. Chelsea says she might just have this miracle. It seems she is about to tell all when Philip calls and she leaves to tell him off some more. Chelsea tells Abby that she has to fix this before the end of the night. She rushes off. Hard at work, Abby gets a less than pleased look when she sees Frankie. She tells Max that her father got stabbed in the back by Frankie. Insert eyebrow raise... Perhaps she is being harsh? No, as we are reminded with a flashback of the night she caught Frankie and Jennifer together. Good Lord, this is one long flashback. Abby tells Frankie to stop chasing after Jennifer. He should just back off. Frankie says he loves Jack and wants him to get well and since Jennifer asked him to stay he will stay - but for now he walks out. Max goes after Abby and tells her this is none of her business. Abby goes on and on about losing her father and getting him back and doesn't want to lose him either to this (extremely mysterious unnamed) disease or Frankie. Max should offer her some cheese to go with her whine. He will be there for her should she need someone. Abby mentions Belle and Chelsea being there and Chelsea behaving oddly - something about an explosive secret she found out about at the hospital relating to paternity. Must run in the family, or something, tampering with paternity information.

Belle comes into the flat to Philip telling her about the contest. No, not that contest, the drinking contest. Instead of using their fists they used shots of tequila - and he thinks he won. Later he is passed out on the counter. Belle rings a bell - er, a pot. Philip wants to go seepy - he just drank Shawn under the table. This is something to be proud of? Belle gets a phone call from Mimi - they have to get to the hospital. Philip can't believe it. Belle says she will drive.

Mimi gets worried to the extreme when she can't wake up Shawn so she calls for an ambulance. She calls Hope to tell her the state she found Shawn in. Things must be bad because the doctors ask for a crash cart. Mimi pleads with Shawn not to die. Hope arrives and is positively histrionic. I would be too, if I were in that situation. She calls Bo and tells him to please come. She can't lose another child, she tells Mimi. Bo arrives and tells everyone that Shawn will surely make it through. The doctor is concerned they may have to use dialysis to get the alcohol out of his system. Bo asks how bad it is - .3 BAC. Whether he will survive is an uncertainty at this point, the doctor says. Mimi calls Belle to see if Philip is alright and tells her what happened. Hope pours some coffee and cries that this just isn't fair. Bo holds her as Chelsea walks in to check it out. Hope spots Chelsea and says she has no reason to be there. Bo disowns her again (is this possible?) She says she is just concerned for her brother - like she was for Zack, attacks Hope. Bo says he just doesn't want to see her. Philip and Belle arrive, sans Claire and get the latest update. Aside, Chelsea says that surely if Belle and Shawn were together he would have something to fight for. Hope and Bo both give Philip a good solid talking to. Lecture on the dangers of Alcohol Poisoning courtesy of Bo today. The doctor comes out and says Shawn is more stable and can have visitors - and he'll most likely be able to hear what they say. Hope wants to go and call Patrick - would Bo mind? He tells her to do what she has to do and she thanks him for being there and understanding.

As Mimi sits by Shawn's bed she cries and says that he could die and never know that Claire is in fact his daughter. She promises to tell him everything. Only if we are to belive that he is able to hear what they are saying she already did tell him everything. Shawn just lays there and as Mimi gets frantic we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on August 21, 2006 2:19 PM
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