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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Vinegar Soaked Chips

I'd like to hear from anyone that has ever been pregnant, as I have never really been close friends with anyone who has been pregnant. Do pregnant women really get outrageously weird cravings for food that normally people wouldn't eat? If so, what is the weirdest or most unusual food or combination of foods you have had a craving for? I only ask because we start off with Kayla at Casa de Hope, with Hope bringing out french fries (chips) and vinegar. Hope, incidentally, would be just as happy were the baby Bo's. Apparently she also still loves the teeth gritting guy. He ruined everything, though. She can't help of thinking of the day they buried Zack and he was in bed with Billie. They talk about Patch and how he called her "Sweetness" and how that can't possibly be a coincidence. Incidentally, Hope says, she is going to see Patrick now though Bo has always been a big part of her life. Surely this must be difficult for Kayla as he is her brother - Kayla doesn't want her to give up on Bo. Enter Patrick. Patrick is happy that he is now in Police Academy and would Hope please be his study partner? Steve Guttenberg is unavailable. Hope gives him some good frisking lessons and says she now feels she has purpose again. What will they do with the handcuffs he brought? Oh, get stuck together. I haven't seen that joke ever used before. Yes, they get cuffed together and he hasn't got the key. They go to the station and Bo can't believe the predicament. He borrowed the cuffs from Billie, he explains. They bicker and Hope says if he keeps it up she will lose her remaining respect for him.

"Hey" Patrick says walking into his house. "Hey yourself" Billie responds. She is looking for a new apartment but he isn't sure how necessary that is seeing as he and Hope are seeing each other again. Later, ding dong - er, Chelsea comes in, apparently on a dinner break. Billie tells Chelsea that Hope is going through with the divorce and getting with Patrick. Surely now she can be with Bo. Billie thinks she and Chelsea need a self-esteem boost. For example, if she is so miserable filing she should volunteer to work with children - or perhaps dedicate her community service to Zack - seeing as he wouldn't want her in prison.

Bo and Patch are at the Dune club enjoying a couple of stiff ones. Bo asks Patch how he is liking being back in Salem - quite a bit, actually. You only have to say about five, ten minutes a day tops and some days last like a week! Bo tells him about sailing around the world with Hope and Shawn and how they knew they would be back because of how much Salem is a home to them. Even the DiMeras couldn't keep Patch away. Bo tells Patch all about Ernesto Tescano and Larry Allemain and how he was supposed to die the day that Patch 'died'. Patch says it's all in the past. Bo says John is helping him with the case and guess who walks in? John himself with Eve(il) dressed in a slinky dress. Patch tells Bo he has nothing else to do and nowhere else to go so he may as well help - and Bo leaves as Stephanie comes in. Stephanie grills him on his decision to stay in Cincinatti, temporary as it was. He says he thought it was for their good. He was worried about putting them in danger. They can handle danger, she says - but not losing him again. Stephanie says cheers and raises a glass to the best dad ever. Knowing him even for such a short time makes her love him even more. His being there is all that matters. Would he please come and watch her race? He will be rooting for her to come in last so she will stay safe. This is what makes her happy, though. He says he gets it and they hug - and Kayla basks in the glow of father daughter happiness.

John and Eve down and she proclaims she can't believe a CEO would come here - but he hasn't always been a CEO and tonight is all about pleasure, anyhow. Eve meanwhile is worried about finances because her mother is sick. She asks about the seperation and accidentally slips in Kate's name and stops herself - and John asks how he knows her. She doesn't really know her but she met her at the charity event and Eve mentioned her date. What else were they talking about, he asks. Were his ears burning? She excuses himself and John approaches Bo and he says there is a possibility Eve may have had something to do with the evidence as she is money hungry. Whose dirty work is she doing, Bo wonders. Could Eve be working with Kate? Surely not, says John - he trusts her with his life. Eve comes by to say howdy and Bo heads off to headquarters. As he pours the last of the wine John says he wants to get to know her much, much better. The better you know someone the more naked they are, apparently. He asks to do this again soon - she says it's a date.

Austin's at the pub (having chowder?) and Chelsea comes in for some late night caffeine. Shouldn't he be hanging out with the guys tonight, she wonders. Only he hasn't any guy friends - just a lot of girl friends who want him. That causes Sami's jealousy which is why she's sleeping in EJ's bed along with EJ this evening. Austin says this is not true as EJ is to be on the couch - don't be so sure of this, she tells him. Chelsea just wants to help, she asserts - not butting in. Chelsea has been reading a lot about relationships and based on this surely Sami knows that she isn't right for him. Moreover, Austin must know that Sami is not for her. He excuses himself and leaves.

Sami comes to EJ's flat and is floored by what she sees. Is all this for her? He wanted to make tonight special, he says. Perhaps this is why he is now lacking a necktie. He presents her with fresh oysters in the shell. When she was a child they were shucked for her. He shows her his technique for getting them good and open. Apparently he had them flown in specially for her. He also snuck in pearl earrings. EJ says that he was hoping they would look beautiful with her dress. She manages to eat one but as he reaches for another he spills oyster all over her. They should probably get out of their oyster stained clothing. They therefore find themselves in their underwear and Sami asks for a shirt. She forgot to pack it. Surely he does but for the record, neither should be embarassed as she is beautiful. Oh no! Austin's at the door and he has an elipsis face on, as I like to call it. "Austin!" Sami proclaims. It's the same Austin that EJ must have recognized through the peephole yet failed to tell her about so she could put on a shirt and not have this embarassing scene. "It's not midnight yet." Austin says. It's surely not what it looks like, Sami explains. What does it look like, he asks. She explains the spillage and was just asking for a shirt. Austin wonders if he has a reason to be jealous. Surely not - she loves him more than anything. EJ loudly clears his throat and assures Austin that he will be a good gentleman. Austin gives his shirt to Sami and says that she doesn't get to take it off - and leaves. As someone who has had intercourse before he must surely realise that's the wrong article of clothing to be told to absolutely keep on. EJ acknowledges the awkwardness. Surely this means he really wants to marry her and could he please not let Lexie ruin the wedding. That's why he's on the guest list. What would she do without him? Someone is watching, she thinks. Nope, nobody out the window - so she thinks. Tomorrow she will be Mrs. Austin Reed. Gloved Hand manages to be by the window.

Posted by Gordon on August 16, 2006 2:26 PM
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