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Days of Our Lives: Things Might Get Complicated

Jennifer tells Jack he can go home now - and he suddenly realizes things are going to get difficult, since he is not to die now. The three of them clearly have some working out to do. It's not that he wishes he were dead but he wishes Jennifer could be with Frankie. He says he tells Frankie not to leave and says perhaps he should be in a hotel. Jennifer won't have it. She has to manage his medicine - so they compromise and he agrees to be in the guest room. According to his death certificate he is dead. According to his contract he doesn't have much time either. They all bicker and Jack says the bottom line is that Jennifer should be with Frankie and he is so tired that he goes upstairs to his room. Frankie tells Jennifer that Jack is the man she loves the most and everything really will be okay. No - Frankie was her first love. They both meant every word of their vows but Frankie says he won't hold her to them. She's upset with Jack for pushing her away at times like this. Jack of course sees them talking. Jennifer says they need to get Jack back to health - then what? She is worried Frankie will leave - he says he will be there as long as she needs him.

Isn't it bad to be trapped in a relationship with the wrong person? Austin certainly thinks so. Yet they go on making out, while the Gloved Hand watches from a distance. They may as well do this now than to wait ten years. Carrie asks what he will tell Sami and he says he'll just say that he loves her but he wants to be with Carrie forever. That will surely go over swimmingly, Austin. Carrie turns to say that she loves him and always will - but she won't break her wedding vows (again.) Surely he can't do this to Sami. Look what she did to him, he argues. Regardless she absolutely cannot go through with this, hands down - so she leaves while he calls out to her. Back in the apartment Carrie says that clearly Sami is dedicated to their business as well as him as she must be out doing business even at this late hour. Can he live with her decision? He will just have to, he says.

Replay of yesterday's scene with Sami and EJ asking for tests to be done on the envelope. Bo says he gets nervous when it has anything to do with Sami and favors and DNA tests. Sami suggests taking it to her father. Of course, Bo says, so he can know something is going on with her. On her way out she sees Kate, who is now being brought in for questioning. Sami and Kate take turns at each other and then Sami finally gets Bo aside and pleads with him once more - and he suggests a private lab. That would take too long, she argues - and she will help him get Hope back if he helps her. Nothing doing. She tries explaining that this is all about how much Austin means to her and he agrees but will bill her for the tests - and says it is the last favour he will ever do for her, until the script writers change their minds. Bo gives the envelope to Eve(-il) who protests but goes to take it to the lab. Bo asks Kate all sorts of questions but Kate decides this is just harassment and storms out. Sami sees this happen and says she thinks she knows what Kate is hiding. Perhaps she was the note sender. You'll NEVER believe what EJ suggests - she should be honest with Austin! Oh, EJ, that is entirely new advice.

Kate tells Eve she should relax. Eve is worried because Bo won't give up until he solves the case. Kate says this is unsolvable. Bo decides to make a phone call. It's not too long before the DNA test results are back. She looks at the results and gasps - EJ's fingerprints were on the envelope. Why, EJ, were your fingerprints there? She handed him the note sans envelope. He asks if she thinks it was him and she says of course not though no other prints were found aside from Lucas - and no saliva, either. She thinks she knows who it is - and guess who is watching? Gloved Hand, hooray! Kate asks about what just happened. Eve explains the dna testing and Kate wonders what she is up to. Eve is still super worried about Bo. Bo, meanwhile, is on the phone asking for phone records for the hotel for Kate. Something good must have come up on the computer because he tells Hank he owes him one. Kate reassures Eve that surely knows about this - other than Gloved Hand! She just doesn't know that.

They go back to the apartment where Sami says the test was clearly a waste. EJ resuggests his classic idea. She says she will surely think of something. She thanks him for everything and he nearly gives her a proper snog only she turns cheek and turns it into a cheekiss. She goes off to bed and EJ runs into Carrie - and he reassures her that he will not tell about seeing her and Austin together. He doesn't think she's horrible. In bed, Sami thanks Austin for making it the happiest night of her life. (Perhaps one of the longest ones, too!) They will surely be together forever. Austin has to tell her something. ("Everyone whose fiance has not just cheated on them please step forward - wait just right there, Sami...") Okay, it's not that. He says she means so much to her. She responds that he means everything to her and she would die if she lost him. "I can't wait to be Mrs. Austin Reed," she says. Mighty Morphing Power Sami turns into Carrie and says the same thing. Suddenly it's Sami again asking what he is thinking about. He is thinking about his (keyword is his) future. Freeze frame on cheating man Austin.

Posted by Gordon on August 9, 2006 5:34 PM
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