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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Things Just Got Really Interesting

Abby has a surprise - but not the kind that would overwhelm Jack. She wants to have a family picnic - she even cleared it with Lexie, so it must be okay. After she details her plans Jack says it sounds great. Jennifer says it sounds great too only she has plans with Frankie. They surely must know about the Sami / Austin wedding. It won't even happen, says Abby. They argue and she says she will just go to the track with EJ. No, her father says, he wants her nowhere near him. He uses women like generic tissue product. What is she thinking, anyhow? Perhaps she is not thinking - like her mother being with Frankie. Jack is worried that she will get in trouble with EJ.

Chelsea can't go out with Max because she wasted time at the hospital and thus has to stay longer. She's not even sure why she was asked to be a bridesmaid. (For her we can assume it will be a long time before she is a bride.) She has an idea to skip tonight's shift but Billie takes the phone away from her and tells her otherwise. Surely she would have been able to sneak out unnoticed - no, says Billie, her experience as a cop has taught her this is not the case. This community service isn't bringing Zack back to life, Chelsea says. Hospital filing won't make her a better person. Hooray for Lexie who comes in at this point. Possibly diet conscious Lexie and Billie get chicken caesar salads and coffee. Oh, and Abe moved out - but he comes into the pub to wish at least two of them a good dinner. Lexie whinges that she wasn't acknowledged. Perhaps she should be the one to do the talking, suggests Bilie. Lexie says she is going to pay for this the rest of her life and Chelsea commiserates. Lexie tells them that she was mistaken in keeping Zack away from Bo and Hope - they forgave her. She won't be too hard on Chelsea if she can make an effort in the community service. Chelsea goes off and Lexie goes to tell Abe that she misses him - nothing doing. Of course she pulls a Bo and brings up Theo. Abe won't be missing Theo that much when he gets a townhouse and sole custody of him. What can she do to make this right she wonders. Get an attorney, he suggests - and leaves. Billie comes over and Lexie tells her everything that just transpired - and Lexie goes off to the hospital, passing by Abe who is on the phone with his lawyer. He doesn't care what it takes, he wants sole custody.

Back in the pub Shawn has made his way in to ask about his grandparents - they are getting ready for the wedding. Abe gets Shawn a beer and they discuss the whole baby mixup situation and Abe tells him that he has to be there for his baby just as Abe must be there for Theo. He finishes his beer and orders a tequila shot as Abe heads off. He is soon joined by Philip who says, "Make that two."

Mimi, Belle, Shawn and Philip gather to discuss custody. Mimi and Shawn will raise the surrogate's baby and Belle and Philip will raise the baby Belle will have. There should be set visitation hours for each person's biological children - clearly she has thought this through. Philip says Mimi's plan seems fair and Shawn says of course he does because he doesn't want Shawn near Belle or Claire. Philip agrees - he doesn't want him around Belle. This shouldn't mean they should have all these restrictions on seeing their own children. Mimi says their high emtional states is proof positive that they need a legal agreement. More bickering and Philip tells Belle that everything appears to be only about her and Shawn - and he leaves. Belle insists to Mimi that things were really over with her and Shawn. This was more believable before she threw herself at Shawn.

Chelsea goes to the dock (en route to the hospital?) and suddenly screams. Oh, it was just Max making sure she was going to the hospital. Good guy. Max compares their lives and says they are much alike. She hopes she doesn't scare him away and he promises not to go anywhere. Back at the hospital Lexie assigns Chelsea some filing to do - and coding as well, despite it usually requiring lengthy proper training. She calls Abby who asks to meet her at the Java Cafe - she explains that she has to stay there and as she turns around the GLOVED HAND puts the Claire Kiriakis folder on the top of her stack. Look out for my Gloved Hand special soon. Chelsea soon sees the file and is shocked that it is there. She looks through the file and tells Abby that the community service is finally paying off. We see the file which states the DNA match between Claire and Shawn Brady. "Things just got really interesting really fast," Chelsea says, and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on August 17, 2006 2:36 PM
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