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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Wrath of Bo

John puts Tek on the job of figuring out how the evidence was tampered with in the Brady case. Meanwhile, Eve(il) makes a phone call to Gloved Hand to say that she needs more cash if she is to continue with the cover-up. Higher stakes mean more money, she says. Looking at the duty roster for June 29 John notices a suspicious name. Tek says she is new and super ambitious. The end justifies the means, says John, and ambition often leads to corruption. He says he will plan a trap for her. Patrick has come in and asks John if he can count on him for a reference. John would be more than happy to after all Patrick did to save Marlena. If only John could convince Bo he's not such a bad guy. Tek gives Eve(il) a file to put away and she manages to drop it. John picks it up and takes the opportunity to ask if she is available later. Kate sees it all and can't believe it. He says that he and Marlena are seperated - and you know that this shocks Kate to no end. Surely things would work out after he rescued her. He's just having a drink with Eve. Kate goes to talk with aforementioned Eve - nobody has figured them out quite yet. John could really mess things out - particularly if he figures out that Eve and Kate know one another.

Angry Bo shows Hope and Patrick he means business with his torn up divorce court summons. Hope says she is moving on - not with Patrick, says Bo. She says he chose to end the marriage by siding with Chelsea. Though Bo chucks the papers in the trash Hope says they can and will be redrawn. After throwing out the papers he throws Patrick out, who says that he is going to headquarters - Bo can't believe it. Patrick wants to be with the police? Over his dead body. Police officers work within the law and for G-d's sake, he worked for the DiMeras, an international crime family. He offers to take his application to the academy and put it in the trash along with the divorce papers. He must not know about recycling. Hope says she won't let Bo blacklist Patrick - if she weren't pregnant she'd be his partner. Patrick says he has every right to be a cop - if he tries to stop him he will go to court. After Patrick leaves Bo and Hope argue over the semantics of his e-mail to her and he wonders how the e-mail he thought he sent was so different than what was received. Nearly two months too late he figures out that it must have been Chelsea. Hope can't believe he suspects her - and though she may have changed the e-mail, he still hasn't proven that he didn't tamper with the evidence. More bickering, Hope finally says she is going through with the divorce.

EJ doesn't want to be kept in suspense forever - he's on the phone with Stephanie. He pleads with her and says that if she agrees she will leave Max Brady in the dust. She tentatively agrees. Lucas, who has been sitting in the background, tells her she is crazy if she takes the deal. They argue over the merit of ARC, Basic Black, and EJ as a businessman - despite his having graduated from Oxford. They can't compete with the might of the turbocharger. He thinks their company is going to go under, surely. Lucas says that despite the fact that she is his mother he finds Kate to be a monster. Incidentally, he says, he is sure that Austin and Sami are going to invite her to the wedding. What is the hurry, Stephanie wonders. Kate comes in to say the hurry is that Sami wants to get married before Austin changes his mind. Stephanie leaves and Kate tells him again and again what a mistake Austin is making. Kate gets a message from the police station - it's because she's helping a charity for the police department.

Sami comes into the flat and says they have work to do for the wedding and Austin agrees despite arguments from Kate who thinks the work is more important. Austin declares the day off to work on the wedding, which Sami calls the wedding of her dreams. More like the wedding of Kate's nightmares, she says. "Why don't you tell me how you really feel?" asks EJ. Kate says he is the only one who can stop the wedding. She says his life will be a disaster if he marries Sami. Austin has a thing for Carrie, she says. Moreover, she doesn't think that Sami has changed at all - perhaps their compatability is physical? Speaking of compatability, Kate says perhaps he should ply Sami with Champagne and win her as he seems more than compatible with her.

The continuing whinging of Chelsea has to end some day. It just won't be today. Lexie finds Chelsea on the phone and gives her a hard time for taking an unscheduled break. Beats prison. As she comes in she is fortuitous enough to overhear Sami talking about their wedding plans. "What about your bridesmaid?" she asks. They bicker and Chelsea says that the whole office is betting on whether she will make it through the vows - most are against. Sami says she is tired and needs a good nights sleep - but not in the same place as him as one of them has to sleep elsewhere. EJ has just the solution - she can sleep in his bed and he will kip on the sofa. Bicker bicker bicker - and Lexie again asks why she is not working. Chelsea needs time off tomorrow for the wedding - take it up with administration, says Lexie. Are they sure they are ready to get married - being married can be a challenge, she says. Austin invites her to the wedding, much to Sami's consternation. Lexie will sadly be busy. Chelsea, meanwhile, has gotten the okay to go to the wedding though it may be like watching the Titanic go down. To say the least, says Lexie. Sami worries that Lexie will do something. EJ asks if she will be staying with him - for he has to make it special, seeing as it is her last night as a single woman. Gaping Austin sees it all and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on August 15, 2006 2:08 PM
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