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Days of Our Lives: The Wedding Is Definitely Off!

Tek is roaming around the church telling the other policemen to hold their positions and not to be too conspicuous.

Father Jansen asks for the rings - he says a prayer over the rings. Sami notices Lexie walking around the back of the church. Father Jansen asks Austin to give her the ring as a sign of his fidelity and to say "I promise to be honest, faithful, and true to you all the Days of Our Lives." He puts the ring on and boy does Carrie have a funny look on her face - Lucas notices. Father Jansen asks Sami to give Austen his ring and she stumbles a little bit. She has some trouble putting that bad boy on. After struggling with it for awhile she says she can't go through with it and bolts. Lexie looks way too pleased. John tells Marlena about how he asked her if she was sure she wanted to marry Austin. Austin says he's really sorry but not to go anywhere because he and Samantha are getting married. Kate boasts that her prayers have now been answered. Yes, says EJ, but do you know why? She doesn't care why. Bo says that Sami's weddings always end up like this. "Better the wedding than the marriage," quips Hope.

John goes outside and asks Tek who could possibly be behind this - this is the third time the church has been targeted. Meanwhile, Sami tells Austin that he's not going to change her mind - she's so sorry that she did this but doesn't deserve to have Austin waiting for her at the altar. She says she should be struck by lightning for taking sacred vows in her family's church. Austin tries to get the truth out of her, telling her this is a new start for them but doesn't manage to make an impact. She won't put the ring on his finger and wants him to take his ring back. He refuses to take the ring back and says they are getting married. Nothing will fix it, she says - she is not worthy to be his wife. She says she hasn't changed and that she is a fake. Okay, not all the time - but doing the right thing is difficult for her. He says he can't believe she can look at him and say that she doesn't know him. She says she hopes he will one day be with the person for him and puts the ring in his hand and then tells him to leave. He agrees to leave but emphatically states - "This is not over."

Lots of buzzing in the church. Bo tells Hope to keep her eyes open and pay attention for anything suspicious in the church. Stephanie asks Max if this is a common occurance and should he really be sitting next to her? Lucas and Carrie suspect that perhaps something happened between Sami and EJ. Chelsea comes between them and says perhaps it's because she's wrong for her uncle Austin. Tek pulls aside John, Bo, and Roman and tells them all about the pact Sami had with Lexie. Perhaps that's why she called off the wedding, speculates Roman. Never mind that, says John - how did weird mechanical voice know about the pact? He did a one hand quotation mark gesture. Sweet. Roman suggests they call the crime lab.

Austin enters the sanctuary and announces that for now, the wedding is off. EJ tells Kate to not look too happy at least out of respect. They exchange jabs but ultimately as much as he would like to take her to dance he has to comfort his friend - Sami, that is. It would be best, Austin says, if everyone went home. Will is beyond upset. He calls Sami a freak who will never change. Carrie gives Austin a comfort hug that is surely misread by watchful Lucas. Austin tells Carrie that he will stay in a hotel for the night. Hopefully they will straighten things out. Lucas says he has no idea what caused her to do this. Austin tells them what Sami said and that she needs time. Don't give up on her, Lucas says. Jennifer and Frankie says they are to leave. Max compliments Stephanie and asks if she has signed the contract - indeed, she has. Chelsea looks super jealous. Philip and Belle say they are heading off - Belle should get off her feet. Billie approaches Austin - he asks her to help him figure Sami out.

Roman goes to where Sami still is and she cries on him. Everyone must hate her - and Kate must be thrilled. He tries to get some reasoning out of her but she doesn't say more than what she said to Austin. He exits to tell Bo and John the nothing that she said and how sad he is that he can't tell Carrie about the secret. Bo says he will go to check up on Shawn and everyone is advised to watch their own backs - who knows who can be after them. Kayla asks Patch if anything is coming back - nopers. He asks if they can cool it for awhile as he is tired of making her feel bad. He won't be rid of her so easily, she says. Eve is apparently there too - John asks what she is doing there and we have no answer.

Back in normal clothing, Sami packs some things and EJ enters - could she use a friend? She asks where he has been this whole time - she has been waiting for him. She explains the horrible mechanical voice and how she then saw Lexie. EJ hugs her and tells her that he will make sure that everything works out and she blubbers as someone who had yet another wedding go wrong would - and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on August 30, 2006 2:48 PM
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