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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Drunken Special

Maybe if I had an upper torso like Austin I too would be walking around the flat without a shirt. Maybe not. That's what Austin is up to on his wedding morning - and there is a knock at the door. Carrie and Lucas are here to ask where Sami is. Surely they must know about the superstition to not see the bride on the wedding day. She stayed at EJ's, he explains. Eyebrows go up in astonishment. Carrie calls over to the EJ flat but there is no answer. Austin wants to go over but he is reminded it is bad luck. Lucas says he will go over.

Carrie asks Austin if he is worried that something will go wrong. Everything will be fine, he insists. He trusts EJ and Sami. Carrie tells Austin that he will surely be a great husband - dependable, faithful... how can she call him faithful, he asks. They can't pretend their incident didn't happen, he says. They almost kiss but she withdraws just in time for Lucas to come in. Carrie goes over to help Sami. Lucas asks Austin if he is sure about getting married to Sami and then oddly talks Sami up a bit. He's not in love with her - what they had is now over. Surely Austin will be better at a relationship with Sami.

When I wake up on my wedding day I hope it's by a good friend of mine, whom I will kiss in an intimate manner. That way I can be just like Sami who sleepily makes out with EJ. She wakes up shocked and quickly apologizes to EJ. It's really late so - time to rush out! Lucas comes over and picks on Sami and EJ explains that he had his phone off because he wanted to be sure nobody in Europe would be calling to disturb them on this important evening. Sami rushes around and Lucas and EJ tell her to just relax. After Lucas takes off EJ asks if perhaps he doesn't want the wedding to happen - they have a connection, it seems. They have a sort of love hate relationship, she says - but they have Will to connect them.

It is better that they are friends. EJ thinks back to When Harry Met Sally and asks if she thinks a man and a woman can be friends and she points out that they are just friends. (Friends who make out on the morning of the wedding of one friend, of course.) Sami gets upset that Will can't get a ride and Carrie offers to get Will while EJ will get Sami to the church. He is so excited to get her to the church on time that he gets pulled over. Did he do this on purpose, she asks - he must not want her to get married today.

Bo reassures Mimi that they just have to be patient as the alcohol clears out of Shawn's system. Philip says that he surely must have had a lot to drink prior to his arrival. Bo, contradicting what he said on yesterday's episode, tells him not to blame himself. Philip says he'll take Belle home because this is too stressful for the baby. She says the stress of not knowing what's going on would be worse. Billie pulls Chelsea to go but she doesn't want to - she doesn't want to see him die and she loves him. A nurse comes to tell Bo and Hope that they can go in but Hope is hesitant - she thinks it would be like the night that Zack died. Not so, says Bo - this won't happen. Chelsea tells Billie that she has to do something for Shawn and goes for the elevator. Unlike that episode of friends, she does not fall down the elevator shaft.

Bo and Hope meanwhile try to tell Shawn to come back to life because they both need him. They love him and he has a lot to live for. Mimi tells Belle to go and talk with Shawn so she hops to it, much to Philips amusement (in opposite world.) Hope is impressed by this - Mimi says she would do anything for Shawn to get better. Chelsea comes back with Claire's file. Oh, how many HIPAA laws are being violated this last week? Belle tells Shawn that they all need him but most of all she can't settle for just friendship with him and surely they are meant to be together and there has to be a way for them to be together. Hope takes the time to pray and pleads with G-d not to take Shawn away. If He does, surely the family will die with him. After Belle leaves Chelsea tells still out Shawn that she has to do something to make things right, and leaves the file by his bed. Everyone is super worried about Shawn - even Philip, who says Shawn is a fighter. Hugs all around. After Chelsea tells Shawn that the information in the file will give him something to live for and leaves he suddenly manages to get up and sees that the file is there...

Posted by Gordon on August 22, 2006 2:39 PM
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I just want to know why G-d is spelled G-d in every time it appears on this blog? Could someone enlighten me?

-- Posted by: Stephanie at August 23, 2006 4:24 PM

It's related to my own religious beliefs, that's about it.

Basically G-d's name shouldn't be erased and if someone were to print out a blog entry with the name and then ripped it out it would not be good - hence I throw a dash in there. It's a fairly common Jewish thing to do. It's sort of like calling Voldemort He Who Shall Not Be Named or what not. :)

-- Posted by: Gordon Davidescu at August 23, 2006 4:39 PM

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