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Days of Our Lives: Sami's Wedding Still On Hold

Lexie again suggests a DNA test. Philip says it is totally unnecessary. Lexie says she will investigate who left the paperwork in the room - they will get to the bottom of this. Philip, Belle, and Mimi leave - Philip says they're going to get to the bottom of this because they can't just believe bogus paperwork like that. Philip and Belle go off for the wedding and Lexie says that Shawn can go now. Mimi tells Shawn that there are hugs all around. At least they don't have to go to the wedding. There will be another one in the future, she teases. Back in the loft Mimi says they need to learn from their mistakes and move on. Shawn is just happy to be alive. Maggie comes bearing a Claire. She gives him a hard time for drinking and he promises once more that it won't happen again.

Carrie looks over Sami's dress and says how lovely it is. The wedding is really happening - as soon as Sami gets there. She's with EJ, Carrie explains - in good hands, in other words. The hairdresser is practically ready to leave. Everyone is worried about her.

Officer Peters says it is an open and shut case - Sami and EJ were trespassing. EJ explains the circumstances but the officer says she will have to tell the judge. Sami says she is Commander Brady's daughter and would he please remove her handcuffs so she could get married? He doesn't believe that Roman is her father. Surely he would know that his daughter were getting married. Eve is called over to book them. Later, Eve is arranging files and John approaches her and says he's looking forward to picking up where they left off. Officer Peters tells Eve that fingerprints showed that it really was Samantha Brady. John can't believe it - they just arrested Sami? She is already in a cell and bickers with her cellmates. They think she's a prostitute. It's mostly a class issue. "Tell me what I did to deserve this," Sami tells the wall. "On second thought, don't!" John and Eve soon arrive and John teases Sami. He suggests that she take the number 9 bus (the John Lennon special!) which goes right to St. Luke's. Just kidding. Of course he will drive - he will pick up Eve at 7.

Lucas tells Austin that everyone is ready including Will, who has been taking his groomsmen duties seriously. He even helped with the reception music - Blue October. Is he ready, Lucas asks? He is so ready that he wants to tell her now. Not now, he says - it's bad luck! One, he is not supersticious. Two, there has been enough bad luck for a lifetime - so he goes. Lucas tells him that Sami will be angry if he does this. Inside the room, the women worry that he will see that Sami isn't there. Carrie comes out and tells him to go away. It's the MP3 player she's listening to - borrowed from Carrie - that is why she didn't hear him. All he wants to do is talk through the door. No, insists Carrie, she is busy getting her hair done. Chelsea soon comes out and says that Sami has "flown the coop." She is with EJ, she explains. Kate overhears this and is quite happy to hear it. Austin defends them saying they are just friends. Sami will surely come soon. Carrie tells Marlena that surely everything will work out the way it should. Chelsea tells Billie that Shawn has been released. When Philip and Belle walk in Chelsea oddly notices they are together. Why shouldn't they be, Belle asks. Everyone bickers about whether Sami will show or not. Sami and John walk in and says she will surely explain later because she is going to marry Austin - and we freeze frame on Austin and Sami. Austin looks concerned, Sami looks like this is her Best Week Ever.

Posted by Gordon on August 25, 2006 10:51 PM
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