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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Sami Has Weird Vows!

Bonnie asks for a minute with Lexie. She's concerned about Shawn. Lexie says he will make a full recovery. Apparently the thing Shawn needs most is peace and quiet. As Bonnie tries to push the goss Lexie excuses herself and Tek comes over to say he is furthering the investigation. Perhaps it is Tony - though he is in prison. It could be anyone, though, that Roman and Bo have put in jail.

Perhaps it is at Sami's wedding - Lexie disagrees. He says surely it could be because all the Brady family will be there. Tek calls Lexie from the church. So far everything is quiet, apparently. Tek says he is happy she cares about him. "Of course I care about you, Tek, she says, with Abe right behind her. She tries to explain but he doesn't care. He is there to investigate the file and needs to speak to the doctor on duty - Lexie! She says she hasn't any idea how the file got in Shawn's room. She thinks that someone wanted Shawn to see the information in the file. He asks for the file to check it for fingerprints. Bonnie interrupts and soon finds out that Shawn is Claire's father, not Philip. Oh she is disappointed.

At the church, the traditional wedding march begins and everyone is looking a little more than puzzled. Kate says it's beginning to look like another Sami disaster. Lucas assures Austin that she wants to marry him. Roman meanwhile tells Sami that she doesn't have to go through with the wedding - does she know what she wants to do? Yes, she does. Everyone starts saying they knew this would happen and Kate is of course happy. Sami tells Roman she loves Austin and wants to go through with it. She slowly starts the walk down the aisle. Everything suddenly is in slow motion - yes, even slower than having a 24 hour period take more than two weeks to show. Father Jansen starts the ceremony. He describes both Austin and Sami. He then proceeds to pray for the love between Austin and Sami. Marlena, then Will read wedding related things. Will then says that though he always thought his parents would marry he is happy she is marrying Austin. He mentions that a lot of times she hasn't made the right decisions but now she is and she is turning her life around.

Sami and Austin have their own vows. Austin's vows consist of saying that he is honored that she will be his wife and will love and support her the rest of their lives. Her vows consist of her saying she doesn't think she can go through with it. Everyone looks puzzled. She doesn't ever want to disappoint him. He knows that she could never disappoint him. Meanwhile, plain clothes policemen are all around trying to blend in. Austin and Sami hold hands and they both say the traditional wedding vows. Father Jansen asks the traditional "DOes anyone here know of any reason why these two should not be united in holy matrimony?" EJ asks Kate if any of her weddings have gotten this far. Nope, she replies. Father Jansen asks for the rings. Oh, and Lexie happens to get into the sanctuary and stares at Sami - and we freeze frame there.

Posted by Gordon on August 29, 2006 7:11 PM
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