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Days of Our Lives: No Sign of the Wedding Yet

Carrie looks at herself in the mirror - there's a knock at the door, and she hopes it is Sami. No, it's Billie and Chelsea, wondering where Sami is. Billie says perhaps Sami doesn't want to go through with it after all. No, says Carrie, only an act of G-d would prevent the wedding from happening. Carrie can't get through to Sami - if only she had EJ's phone number. Sami calls but all she makes out is that she is with EJ. Perhaps they got in an accident? Or perhaps this is fate giving Carrie Austin? No, Carrie says, that's absurd. Is it, asks Billie. Carrie isn't happy with Lucas, she says, and nobody else between them seems to be. Austin would rather be marrying her - why aren't they getting married? Everyone should stop being so selfless. Carrie says that she and Austin had their chance and it is over. Billie says she predicts the marriage would last a year at most - surely Sami and Lucas should be together. Carrie feels confused.

Billie says she should do the right thing before it's too late. Chelsea tries on the dress and is pleased with how she looks. Chelsea insinuates Belle and Philip won't be coming. They didn't look like they were on their way to the wedding when she saw them in the hospital. Chelsea calls the hospital to ask how Shawn is doing. The nurse puts Lexie on the line and she hesitantly tells her that she's okay. Chelsea suspects she's not telling the full truth - Lexie suggests she talk with Shawn if she wants to hear everything. Billie says perhaps it would be better in the end if Sami didn't show up. Billie says she will go to find Chelsea before she blows up the church, or something. They will be out there for when... if Sami gets there. Carrie calls Marlena to ask for some help. Had Sami called? Surely she will be there soon. Billie suspects Chelsea of doing something wrong. Chelsea swears to a higher authority that she is up to no bad and she is in fact trying to do a good thing.

Sami and EJ run into what appears to be an abandoned house, out of the rain. It's really coming down hard. EJ jokes around but Sami isn't having it. There was only to be a 1% chance of rain, and now this? He says as soon as the rain breaks he will find a car for them. Sami goes outside to yell at Mother Nature. She borrows EJ's phone and makes a brief phone call to Carrie that is interrupted by the phone dying. All she wants is to be at the church. EJ discovers a ham radio and suggests they contact the police department. He manages to find a swing jazz radio station. Sami finds a trunk full of "old stuff" and a World War II Commando blazer which fits EJ quite well. There's a wedding dress in the trunk as well. She can just imagine the history of the clothing. "The Way You Look Tonight" comes on and EJ sets out a hand to dance - so they do.

A child's voice suddenly comes in - it's Joel in Saginaw, Michigan. EJ tells him their location and asks him to call the Salem police department - Sami says it is very important. If only they would have told Joel what state they're in. Sami whinges that surely everyone was right and she will never get to marry Austin. EJ suggests they play a game. This is the worst day of her life, she says. Given her life history this is surely not the case he says. She should have her hair done by now - and be getting ready to get into her wedding dress. Well on the plus side, she says while pulling out one of the infamous notes, at least she got to ruin her own wedding day. All she wanted was to marry Austin - and now she will surely never be Mrs. Austin Reed. A knock at the door - it's the police. She is quite happy to see him. He is there to arrest them for trespassing, actually.

Belle looks at Claire's file. She tells Shawn that it says that Claire isn't Philip's daughter and in fact is his. Shawn looks at the file - they think it is surely impossible. How could have the file ended up there? Moreover, it's impossible because they never actually took place in the act that would have caused a pregnancy - unless the night they were stranded and had hypothermia and dreamed they were together... Mimi and Philip come in and ask what's going on. Philip asks why Shawn has Claire's file. Philip looks at the file and also says it is ridiculous. Shawn says he doesn't see how it could be true. Belle says there was the dream but that was all. Mimi has a flashback of Bonnie telling her clearly they must have been intimate. Philip says Belle seems to want this to be true - and someone must have it in for them and he will find out who it is.

Lexie comes in and says she is baffled as to how it got there. It looks authentic enough, she says. Philip says it can't be the case and the same person who switched the embryos may have done this as well. Lexie says that was just a hospital mixup. Philip says he will get to the bottom of this. Surely there are plenty of enemies he doesn't even know about. Lexie says she is stunned by this though she shouldn't be. (Because her father is Stefano? Bring him back!) Philip asks one of the nurses if someone unauthorized was in Shawn's area and she says no. Of course, this was one of the nurses involved in the petri dish mixup. Mimi says surely the plan to mess with them has failed because they are together and strong and the file has to be false, anyhow. If only it were that easy, says Belle. Lexie comes in and confirms that the file is accurate - but the technician who ran the report is off duty that day. However, she says, all they have to do is run a DNA test on Shawn and Philip and that will clear everything up - freeze frame on Belle. (Perhaps they should be on the Maury Povich show!)

Posted by Gordon on August 24, 2006 2:34 PM
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