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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: No Excuses -- Or Explanations

Bonnie is dancing away the pain - and when Kate comes over to tell her to turn down the noise she is offered a scotch on the rocks (I prefer mine with Coke, admittedly an odd combination - but you should try it sometime) because when she hears what a disaster their children's marriages have become she will need it. Bonnie fills in Kate on all the bad news and Kate thinks she is just lying. When she finally realizes the truth she says they should put on a pot of coffee as they plan a strategy. Keep them apart, she suggests. Mimi is already at the hospital to face Shawn and Belle, Bonnie says. Kate isn't even sure Shawn would be interested. He-loooo, Bonnie practically says, and then lists all the reasons they have an attraction. she will really sock it to Belle. Where is Philip, anyhow? Doesn't he know to whom he is married - Belle? Philip enters. He wisely determines based on the late hour that something must be awry. Nothing is wrong - just that they are watching the baby since Belle is in the hospital. You've never seen someone rush out so quickly. Good strategy, ladies. They discuss the odds of the eggs being mixed up the way they were - practically nil. Surely someone did it on purpose - to hurt their children.

At the hospital, Mimi tells Shawn and Belle she saw them kissing. Shawn agrees they should be honest now. Mimi counters by quoting Belle's diary. Belle is indignant that Mimi read the diary and Mimi says that cheating on her husband trumps diary reading. Mimi continues to quote the diary (she is good at memorizing diary) and tells Shawn to shut up as he tries to explain - and now they are kissing? Belle must not care who she hurts and she asks Belle to admit that she loves Shawn. After Mimi goes on and on about this infidelity Belle admits that she loves Shawn. Mimi continues to go on about how wrong this is and how Belle is married to Phillip, not Shawn. Belle defends her diary by saying she was on hormones when she wrote it. She then defends the kiss saying she grabbed Shawn out of happiness that her horrible cramps went away. (You know, when I'm in the hospital suffering sharp pains and they go away I always make sure to grab the nearest nurse and make out with them.) Shawn seconds this and says he loves her and she has nothing to worry about. Mimi wants to believe him. Philip comes in and soon suspects something is going on. On a totally unrelated note there was an ad for Pam today which made me laugh. "Pam makes your eggs come out better."

Kayla and Stephanie are both having love troubles, and discuss them in the Pub. Stephanie says that surely Steve will come back. Stephanie turns on the radio and the DOOL only song "If Your Heart Comes Out Tonight" is playing. It used to be Steve's favourite song. Well at least they got some time with him - and Kayla decides to move on. They discuss Stephanie's mystery man - Stephanie thinks he is the right guy for her and she won't give up. Kayla says she knows Patch is the guy for her but she won't let herself be miserable about the situation. As Stephanie goes upstairs Kayla puts the radio back on and guess which song missing from the itunes library (for now - write to nbc and tell them you agree) is playing? Kayla suddenly sees Patch at the door. She thinks she is surely dreaming. He says she was hardly gone a few minutes before he realized that he couldn't let her get away - and that he wants her, if she will give him a chance. They kiss - and Stephanie watches and gives a big happy smiley sigh. As much as I normally dislike DOOL voyeurs here it is oddly appropriate.

Nick... Steve... Patch... you know who is drinking a big beer and Della asks him if perhaps they should go home - oh, if only he knew where that was. Della can't believe he would say this. He just feels confused about everything and nothing feels right anymnore. Patch manages to get "If Your Heart Comes Out Tonight" on the jukebox. How many copies of this song would NBC sell if they put it on itunes? Seriously. I bet they could do wonders for their budget if they would start thinking outside of the fiscal box. Della says this is not his type of music and he says that it just was on the jukebox. He seems to remember it and then calls Della Kayla.

Lucas tells Sami he's in it for the 'long haul' with Carrie. Austin makes an appearance with a paper bag which EJ snatches, proclaiming they are his favourite pastries. Sami asks him how he knows as he hasn't even opened the bag - it's the smell, silly. Carrie says she was on the balcony - Lucas was worried about her. Enough pastries for a baseball team, apparently. As pastries are passed around EJ talks about how romantic Paris is, and how he and friends would sit and save the world in cafes. (How about how EJ is saving this show lately? Seriously.) Lucas says they should go there. Sami suggests to Austin that they do that as well. EJ says he will arrange things toute-de-suite. Carrie and Austing give each other long loving looks. Austin pulls EJ aside to tell him he was the cheating initiator. EJ says he doesn't have to worry about him saying anything as there is a selfish reason for not saying anything. He's going all Ayn Rand on him. Sami consoles Carrie over the bad baby news - and says she is now Will's step mother, and that he will need her. Lucas is glad Sami and Carrie are getting on now. Austin, meanwhile, tells EJ that he really does care about Sami. EJ points out that she is not Carrie. Yes, says Austin - and what is she to do? Lucas takes yet another super important call on his mobile phone. Carrie tells Austin they can't have a repeat performance. She then goes over to Lucas for a little support. Sami goes to EJ to tell him that she is worried she will ruin what Carrie and Lucas have. She shows him the ring and says that Austin loves her and she can't spoil everyone's happiness with the truth. Surely the letter writer will stop when she's married. The couples that are actually with each other hug and EJ watches it all and shakes his head in disbelief - freeze frame on our man EJ.

Posted by Gordon on August 7, 2006 2:32 PM
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Mimi is already at the hospital to face Shawn and Belle . I think Shawn and belle should let things air out that they love each other , and they both leave phillp and mimi .Please let Belle and rember the night in the barn and thier love together then from there let me find out the clarie belongs to shawn so they can raise both babies together .

-- Posted by: Jan at August 11, 2006 1:39 PM

What happened between belle and shawn about the baby thing

-- Posted by: joshua and amy at September 8, 2006 9:12 PM

What happened between belle and shawn about the baby thing

-- Posted by: joshua and amy at September 8, 2006 9:12 PM

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