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Days of Our Lives: No Date for John and Eve

Philip tells Belle that Mimi is going to the hospital to clear up the file confusion. He says that Sami has no idea how to handle success. Belle thinks it's because she's in love with Lucas still. They go to check in on Claire and find the place a mess. Claire is a picky eater, Maggie says. Both Philip and Belle were not like this at all. Clearly, Maggie says, the baby didn't inherit her pickiness from either of them. Loooong stare. They are just tired, they explain. After Maggie leaves Philip says he is upset over Maggie's remark. Philip has an idea to go to the state fair - Claire can go on the merry go round. Yes, only she has to go to the doctor.

Bonnie goes into Mimi's apartment and tells Mimi what Lexie told her. It doesn't matter because as far as everyone is concerned, Philip is the real father no matter what some weird document says. Mimi says she prayed that if Shawn were okay that she would tell him the truth but it seems to have come out anyway and everything seems okay. Bonnie suddenly realizes that perhaps it is the DiMeras that are causing all this trouble. She suggests police protection.

Tek tells John that Eve is part of their investigation team. Eve apparently found some footprints outside the church. They go to the footprints and John is quite impressed. Tek goes off and Eve says she is looking forward to working very closely with him. Eve asks an officer to cover the rest of her shift and then John tells her he'll pick her up at her apartment. Perhaps they need not go out, she says. Marlena approaches and introduces herself. Eve gets a look on her face. She can't believe Marlena was still in the picture. John tells Eve that he told her that they were seperated. Moreover, he tells Marlena that she felt free to hook up with her ex and so he will have no qualms having a date with Eve. He finds her a little later and explains that Eve doesn't mean anything to him. She figures out that he is working on a case. He says he likes seeing her jealous. Oh, a kiss. Of course it is for work. John explains the case. They talk about Sami and Marlena says she is glad things worked out the way they did.

Sami suspects that the mechanical voice was Lexie in disguise and she should have just married Austin anyhow. No, says EJ, the person is quite serious. She messed everything up and she's never going to change. She can't believe that all the delays would be the highlight of the day. EJ imitates officer Peters when he found out that Roman was Sami's father. He gets a good giggle out of her and just then Marlena walks in to ask what is going on. She explains EJ was just trying to make her feel better. EJ goes off and Marlena says she is surprised to see Sami so upbeat - and why did she call off the wedding? When she put the ring on his finger she realized it wasn't going to work out. That may be but why wait until the wedding to tell him? Something must be wrong with her - she feels as though she is the bad seed. Marlena assures her that this is not so. Sami asks to be alone and gets hugs. When EJ comes back she asks him to help her end the night right.

At the Lexie residence, the doorbell rings. It's Sami and EJ - so she of course tries to close the door. Surely she was the one that made the threatening call. No, she says, she just was at the church to see if the wedding would happen. Lexie asks how EJ can tolerate being around Sami. He wouldn't be with anyone else. Lexie says he should get away as fast as he can. He says she need not be concerned. He comes from a dramatic family and is always looking for the next rush - which is why he is a racer and perhaps why he is attracted to Sami. He has found a kindred spirit in her. Lexie thinks it is unfortunate - she thought he was one of the good guys when he made the donation for breast cancer research. EJ says they're not all that different - living on the edge. After all, what was it that Sami had on her that enabled her to blackmail her? Ultimately it wasn't her that made the call. Sami didn't write the note and she didn't make the call. Sami tells Lexie as they leave that if she thinks she will get away with her sick games she has another thing coming. At the docks, Lexie tells Tek about the phone call Sami got. Things are clearly out of hand.

Outside of the church Marlena and John have a walk. It looks like rain - good and cozy for their date. They joke around but the joking stops when they come across Eve's lifeless body - bloody and bulletridden. No freeze frame.

Posted by Gordon on August 31, 2006 7:50 PM
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